Monday, August 6, 2012

stingray - 1; guy - 0.

Living at the beach is amazing. Coming from living in Wisconsin the majority of my life (which I loved), there's something about being able to drive 5 minutes to the beach anytime you like. There are so many upsides - watching sea turtles released back into the wild, having dolphins playfully swim right beside you, and of course enjoying a beach sunset. So with all of that good... there has got to be an occasional downside right?

See that teeny, tiny mark on Guy's foot? Yeah, apparently when you accidentally step on a stingray, they retaliate with the most painful sting you will experience. Guy immediately went down and was in the worst pain of his life. We first thought he got stung by a jellyfish but quickly realized it wasn't based on the pain he was in. After a trip to the ER via an ambulance he was drugged up and ready to rest the remainder of the weekend.
My poor man. Lord knows if that had been me I would have passed out on the spot.
But you know what? Even with that experience, we love the beach and will be back as soon as this weekend. How could you not go back to this beautiful place?

Here's to an accident free week! Happy Monday!