Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the very best of: J.Crew sale

As my IRL friends know, but perhaps not my blog buds, I rarely buy anything full price. My mom is a master bargain hunter and instilled those good genes & tips in me at an early age. It isn't about being cheap... it's  thinking truly about 'want' versus 'need', the value of money, and of course having patience.
So knowing that, I thought it would make sense to start a new series called 'the very best of...' where I highlight the best 'Sale' finds for that week from one of my favorite vendors. Hopefully this will help you see what bargains* are out there without having to do the work! I hope you enjoy!
The week's pick is J.Crew... and boy was there a lot to choose from. 

Number 2 Pencil Skirt in Eyelet:  Was $128.... Now $98
 Candy Stripe Jute Clutch: Was $98... Now $34.99

Number 2 Pencil Skirt in Safari Cat: Was $128... Now $49.99
 Scalloped Eyelet Short: Was $70... Now $54.99
Painter Stripe Tee: Was $39.50... Now $29.99
Bright Eyelet Tank: Was $39.50...Now $29.99

Pretty cute right?! Lots of good staples to be had at J.Crew right now!
Stay tuned for next's week pick and post on the 'best of!'

*I understand a 'bargain' can mean different things to different people.... and certainly different price points. My idea of a bargain will vary from vendor to vendor.


Holly said...

the clutch is so cute!

i just swooped up some things from the sale this AM

bananas. said...

i heart jcrew with a passion but, like you, i rarely buy it full price...rarely doesn't mean never though. ;)

great picks!

drollgirl said...

full price is for suckers! lol i try to get deals! a girl has to! there is only so much money to go around!

Sienna said...

that clutch is too cute

heronkady said...

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Muhammad Zahid Iqbal said...

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Looks like loads of FUN!

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