Monday, July 2, 2012

staycation recap!

After over a week of blissful days off from work, alas - I am back. Let me tell ya... a 'staycation' is where it's at. No travel woes. The comfort of your own bed. Family all around.
Can you tell I enjoyed myself?
I had a hard time picking pictures to share since they were all versions of the same thing. There was lots of sun, beach, drinks, darts, laughs, and of course family. 
 {a fun sign to one of our local bars}
 {a post dinner picture on Shem Creek}
 {the perfect natural lighting on a perfect beach day!}
{my sweet mama, sister-in-law Amy & niece Lauren}
 {hm, see a resemblance? My brother Todd and amazing dad Carl}
 {the obligatory jumping picture... as best as a four and six year old can do}
 {beach treasures}

Looking at all our pictures from the last two weeks made me both nostalgic & sad. I'm so lucky to live close to my parents but I wish I lived closer to both my brothers. Seeing them once or twice a year just isn't enough!
Hope you all had a wonderful past week. Can't wait to catch up on your blogs!


Dee Stephens said...

You are so lucky to live in such a great city next to such great thingS!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Looks like a fantastic staycation!

Holly said...

aww morgan, you have such a beautiful family!

bananas. said...

dude why leave your little town...ever?! you have a beach, cool treasures and a nifty bar sign that i'm now obsessed with!

staycations are the jam! and they're even better with family.

Kristen said...

Not sure how I missed these amazinh pictures. So glad you had such a wonderful staycation... and the resemblence between Todd and Carl? Yup... for sure :)