Monday, June 4, 2012

our latest addition!

We had a fun filled weekend around these parts with my brother and sister in law driving down from DC with my nephew Max and my new nephew Carter Wyatt.
Isn't he precious?!

I've spent countless minutes staring at him, counting his amazing baby rolls, and wondering what he's thinking.
When not staring at Carter, we spent many a hour watching buses and train videos on You Tube.

Kids really are intrigued by the oddest things

Other than spending time with my family, I attended a baby shower for my dear friend Jenny.

Isn't she gorgeous? She's having a girl and we couldn't be more thrilled for her!
Oh, and I have to post my latest addition to my house...

The painting is via Etsy (last blogged about here) and the tin tiles are old and have found a home in each place I've lived since college.

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!


Holly said...

congrats auntie! he is precious.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

What a little cutie! love the name too!

Jessie said...

They are sooo cute! Lately everyone is giving me baby fever! Lovee the painting.. was just thinking I should check out some art work off etsy!

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Kristen said...

Oh my word... Max looks so grown up!! And Carter is adorable.
Also- I cannot get over how much David looks like your mother. Wow.

Congrats to your friend too on the baby girl news... she has a lot of smiles and giggles and tutus in her future I think :)

bananas. said...

my you had a very baby filled weekend!

and yes your new nephew is pretty stinkin' adorbs!

loving the tins and new wall art. your house is just too cute.

Nicole Marie said...

look at those chubby baby cheeks!

Padgett Hoke said...

I love the tins and painting! plus, that little nephew is adorable!

elite barcelona said...

Beautiful family!

lexi said...

kids are great :) and I hope you get your entries in for my Summer Fun Giveaway! : )

Diana Mieczan said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie!!! Huge congrats to the new auntie:) Kisses, sweetie.