Friday, June 8, 2012

And the casting nomination goes to...

If my friend Staci weren't a Development Director extraordinare - I would encourage her to move to Hollywood and become a Casting Director.
Because she put this little 50 Shades of Grey casting list together and it's BRILLIANT. Perfectly cast in my opinion. Let's see if we can make this happen m'kay?

Truth be told... I'm not in love with the book like the majority of you. I'm still trudging through it in fact. But if Alexander Skarsgaard was Christian Grey you better believe I'd be first in line to see the movie!



Shannon said...

I read 2 of the books, didn't really like them so skipped the third. I have to say I disagree with most of these. Here's what I would do:

I think Ian Somerholder should definitely play Christian. Not a big fan of Alexander.

I think Ashley Greene would make a good Ana.

I picture Chris Pine more in the Elliot role.

While reading I pictured Taylor being older, definitely older than Jason Lewis. He's too good looking for that role. He would make a better Ethan in my opinion.

For Mrs. Robinson I pictured an Ellen Barkin type.

Also, I just can't stand Blake Lively in general so I hope she doesn't get caste.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I am only about halfway through the book but for the characters I do know I have to say a huge yes! I'm really not crazy about the book either, I'm mainly reading it just to see what the hype is about.

Britt said...

I love seeing everyone's casting ideas. I hope Hollywood listens to the fans on this one and gets it right. There is nothing worse than a miscast movie. Love the casting choices Mrs Robinson, Taylor, Ana and Kate!

Kristen said...

I still need to read this book... but I love love love Ian Somerhalder!!! So I would watch anything with him in it.

Nuha said...

After hearing what it was about, I just don't think this particular book will be my cup of tea. It just seems so..odd? But either way, based on this cast I would probably HAVE to go see the movie..I absolutely love blake emma and ashley!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Brilliant! I totally agree with Christian Grey, Kate Kavenaugh, and Taylor!