Thursday, March 29, 2012

rivers and roads til i reach you.

Last week Guy and I drove down to lovely Savannah for the night to see one of my favorite bands The Head and the Heart. I only recently discovered them and I can't get enough.
They're from Seattle, self released their album back in 2009 and it got picked up last year and was re-released by a record label. Since then they've appeared on Austin City Limits, are touring on their own, and soon are touring with Dave Matthews Band. (swwwooooon)

If you haven't been to Savannah, it's definitely worth the trip. Historic, beautiful and friendly. That said, it's no Charleston. If you can only go to one, still make your way to Charleston.
After we walked around a bit and had a few brews (you can walk around outside with alcohol in Savannah!) prior to the show.
And the show... oh the show. It. Was. Amazing. They really are something special and I felt so lucky to have seen them live in such a small venue. Next time I see them it'll be in an amphitheatre with thousands of people.

So do yourself a favor and download their album immediately. And then listen to Rivers and Roads and think of me.

Happy Thursday!


Meagan :: Mo Pie, Please said...

I heard a song of theirs this morning and forgot how much I love this band! So cool you got to see them in Savannah - I'd love to go there!

Holly said...

i will download! i need new music. thanks :)

KatiePerk said...

Jealous you went down! I first heard them on Austin City Limits and have since become a fan too!

Kristen said...

Again... I live through you. I have been to only two or three concerts in my entire life. I love to hear all about your adventures...