Wednesday, March 7, 2012

morgan's {anti} recommendations

I thought I would do things a little differently today and let y'all know some products and ideas I don't recommend. So often we're telling each other the things we love but we aren't telling one another the things that aren't living up to the hype!

Disappointment Numero Uno: Plug In Air Fresheners

Are these things strong or what? I've been trying to find one of these for the closet Gus' litter box is in but they are all so damn strong. They overpower the entire house. Has anyone had any luck with these?!

Disappointment Number Two: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

I so wanted to love this book since so many of you told me you read and liked it but I just couldn't get through it. It's rare I don't finish a book and I didn't finish this one. Enough said.

Disappointment Number Three: Whatever these shoes are called

So I'm not talking about these shoes exactly but these 'type' of shoes with the weird scrunched back. Every pair I've ever had or tried on immediately have given me blisters. They might be the most uncomfortable shoes ever!

Disappointment Number Four: Crest Vivid White

I hated this toothpaste. I think it did make my teeth whiter but I consistently felt like my teeth weren't clean. After I month, I gave back and went to regular old Crest.

Your turn! Save me the hassle - what product wouldn't you recommend??


Lindsay said...

I'm surprised you didn't like those flats! They are the only ones I can wear. Even the cheapies from Forever 21 don't bother my feet.

I use glade plug-ins, but I find the scent only lasts for a week or so. I have one of the scent portables from bath and body works in my car and I loooove it. Maybe you could try that indoors?

FourJedis said...

I wasn't a fan of the plug-ins either... well febreze. I have liked Air Wick, but only 2 scents and I don't love how the Air Wick heats up. Also not a fan of Vivid White. Grainy and bad flavored.

I tried out Kaboom in my shower this a.m. after a recommendation and as far as showers go, nothing will ever get things clean as well as good old fashioned bleach.

Charleston Girl said...

Try the Bath & Body Works plug ins called Wallflowers. That's what we use all throughout our house and we love them... and B&BW is always having crazy sales like 'buy 2 get 3 free' kind of things.

Kim @ keller-creative said...

I cant stand those type of flats either! They are the worst!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

haha I love this post! Can I add something onto here - the Tresume dry shampoo - seriously do not waste your money. Worst dry shampoo ever!

drollgirl said...

well this is hilarious! and i am glad you did this type of post. lots of products are CRAP! speak the truth about them!

and i HATE the look of those scrunched up shoes, so i won't even try them. yes, i can be that close-minded. lol

bananas. said...

WHAT?! i love those febreeze plug ins. only problem...they don't last long enough so that's why they're so strong at first.

as for miss peregrin...i liked it but the ending sucked.

Padgett Hoke said...

This post made me very happy! we should do these more often, I hate the scrunchie shoes - they totally are blister magnets. I would add to the list soy protein powder, I wish I had the name of the brand - but I am at work so I don't. but it is very yucky.

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

Resolve spray is good but that powder high traffic area stuff is useless.
Bought washable dry erase markers for my little one and they are too faint to be any fun.
I can't wear those flats either.

Nicole Marie said...

i hate the smell of plug ins.
i agree with the vivid white. i would brush with that and then normal toothpaste cause it obviously wasn't cleaning much

Holly said...

i actually use the febreeze one right by pete's litter box. we have it on the low setting. did you try that? because i agree, the high setting can be overwhelming. sometimes i will just plug it in before guests come over since sometimes i think i cant smell the box but others can. i might just be paranoid! haha

Kristen said...

pajama jeans... they're not soft and they're hideous. i was so sad.

crest whitening mouth wash. it doesn't really whiten and it tastes awful and leaves this weird taste/film in your mouth. my dentist agrees that it's the worst mouth wash ever.

Hilary Lane said...

I've had the same issues with plug in air fresheners. The only one I could use when my cat's litter box was in the downstairs bathroom was the Bath & Body Works ones. The scents go pretty quickly though (30 days or less) and are kinda pricey unless you buy them on sale. They were the only ones that smelled good enough that I didn't mind if they were kind of strong. Some of the scents of the Glade & Air Wick ones are pretty gross.