Monday, March 5, 2012

from zero to hundred in one weekend.

I don't know about where you are but it was rainy and nasty in Charleston Friday and Saturday of this past weekend. Because of that, we spent most of our weekend doing the following.

But then Sunday came around and we got our second wind to get some things done around the house. Nothing big but every bit helps right? And for being here only three weeks - I think we're making great progress!
One of my favorite additions are the valance curtains in our master bedroom. I found the perfect fabric and asked Guy's mom (aka seamstress extraordinaire) to make our windows beautiful.
The fabric goes perfectly with our paint (Behr Sage Tint) and adds visual interest to our otherwise lack luster windows. I can't wait to start accessorizing the room! More on that soon hopefully.

After hanging our new valances, we went to work on our main guest room. We already have houseguests planned in the coming weeks so we wanted to make it look nice. Fortunately we didn't have to spend any money as we used items from our old townhome that we hadn't found the perfect place for yet.

Here's the before; a sky blue for a little boy I'm sure.

With a little paint (Valspar Summer Clouds), the room is transformed to a more tranquil space fit for guests.

Nothing mind blowing here but for only the cost of a can of paint, I'm pretty happy with the room. I do want to get new sheets, bedspread, and some paintings hung on the wall asap.

The 'to do' list for a new home never ends!
Happy Monday friends!


Jess said...

Ahhh there's nothing like a good, lazy, rainy day! But love the work you got done as well!!!

Amanda said...

Great progress! It always makes me feel so much better when I can mark something off the "to-do" list, even if it is never ending!

FourJedis said...

You're doing a really great job outfitting the house for you guys. I love it. We have been in our new home for 7 months now and still so much to do.

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Love your window treatments! And that high headboard is awesome too.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Everything looks fantastic - you guys are doing a great job!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Your guest room looks so nice! I love the new fabric on your curtains, it really does look fabulous with the wall color!

Padgett Hoke said...

those valences are real beauties! I would happily stay in that guest room!

bananas. said...

your house is coming together so nicely! even during low key weekend, you can always find something to do to the house!

keep the updates coming.

Charleston Girl said...

Your weekend looks pretty much like ours due to the rain...we weren't quite as productive though. Love the colors of the rooms. We're three months into our house and still working on that mile list of projects. Sigh.

Kristen said...

Very cute guest room... I love to see all of the things you're doing with the house!!! Quinn (and our new Quinn budget) make traveling a bit challenging but perhaps we will find our way back down to the low country sometime in the future :)