Wednesday, December 7, 2011

yay or nay: houndstooth!

What's old is new again right?! This week's 'Yay or Nay' is around houndstooth. A fabric and pattern that has been around for ages but has hit a hot moment as of late.
What do you think? Love, hate, or indifferent?

Personally I love it, but in small doses. I think it would be perfect in a clutch.. or heels like Nicole Richie is wearing.
Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


Tamara Nicole said...

yes I agree, small doses:-) LOVE the heels and a skirt, not a full outfit like Kim or Gaga though. Also would love small pops of home decor, pillows maybe?

Holly said...

while i know its very classic for some reason i associate it with cheap teenybopper stores. i think they've gone overboard with it and thus its turned it off for me.

nicole richie looks the best!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

I like houndstooth but am not crazy about these for some reason. Except that first one!

Everyday Adventures said...

I say yay for houdstooth but I agree in small doeses! Like a cute shoe or purse but not sure if I could pull off a whole dress or skirt

bananas. said...

i'm with you...less is more!

so KK needs to cool it on the houndstooth. lol.

K & J said...

I like pic #1 and really loving her shoes! Other than that I'm all about the last pic. Has a VERY sexy look to it. LOVE the top. Perfect for hitting a club, going out for drinks or just trying to "excite" Jess ;)
Like you I would lose the boots and add a pair of heels. A nice 4 inch pair :)
Great pics.....Kara XOXO