Monday, December 19, 2011

christmas worthy recipe: cauliflower gratin

I'm asking you dear readers to trust me on this one. I know many of you would naturally tune out when one starts the word "cauli..." but I promise this recipe is delicious. Like most of you, I'm not the biggest fan of cauliflower but I'll give any recipe with cheese a chance once and I'm oh so glad I did this time.
I'm doubling asking you to trust me because my pictures didn't turn out all that great. I guess  you're not asking for a blog worthy photo when you have a white countertop + white cauliflower + white cheese.
You can find the recipe here. If you don't trust me, trust the 228 reviewers that gave it 5 stars. And if you don't trust them, trust Ina Garten since she has her own show.
Do you have your own show?
Me neither.

Guy and I liked this so much we're bringing it to my family Christmas. I'm letting them know this in advance so they can think about how they want to thank me later.

Happy Monday y'all! It's Christmas week! eep!


K & J said...

Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to make and try it :) Kara XOXO

Lindsay said...

This actually looks really yummy- and I'm not a big cauliflower fan!

Dee Stephens said...

Thanks for sharing! Brad and I have talked about doing a cauliflower mash but this looks delish!

bananas. said...

do you want cauliflower with that cheese? no wonder you loved it!

i actually love cauliflower so i'd be happy to taste test for you anytime!

~KS said...

Weirdly.... I LOVE cauliflower. And of course I love cheese. So this sounds beyond delicious!!!!

Holly said...

i LOVE caluiflower. and i know i will love this. bookmarking!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

That seriously looks amazing, i want to eat it.

Jaunty_jenny said...