Monday, November 7, 2011

six months and counting!

 :sigh: Monday already? Can it be? How does the weekend fly by so damn fast?
Guy and I had a lovely little weekend filled with friends, family, and as usual... good food! I didn't take my camera along with me many places but I did snap a few shots with my Blackberry camera (yes, I have a Blackberry. ugh. Bonus that my work pays for it but I'd loooove an iPhone. Beggers can't be choosers right?!)
{my new bust that I'm in looooove with}
{currently displaying some of my favorite necklaces}

{my nephew Max was in town for the weekend. this meant a Sunday stroll looking for pumpkins was on the agenda}

{i melt for those baby blue's}

{snack time!}

{a little mexican to celebrate my Badgers big win!}

Yesterday was Guy's and my 6th month anniversary. No, I will not be one of those people that counts in months but I figure we'll never have our 6 month again so why not celebrate it! We kept it low key and true to us which was just perfect.
Hope you all had as nice a weekend as we had! What did you get into??
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~KS said...

6 months?!?!? Where has it gone...

Max is so much David I can't get over it. Super cute... glad you got some time with the little dude!!

And thank goodness the Badgers are back to winning. Thos was of course down at the game and in his own version of Heaven :)

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

You def get to celebrate your 6 month! Congrats.

Yamilette27 said...

Happy Anniversary and congratulations!
I don't even own a Blackberry much less an iPhone YET, so beggars cannot be choosers lol!
The lil guy with his baby blues is adorable. He looks almost pensive in his photos.

navy and orange said...

who doesn't love an anniversary?!

xoxo navy & orange

bananas. said...

hate to break it to you morgan ARE one those people. a 6 month anni is counting in months. hehe! ;)

LOVE your bust!!! ew wait...that sounds so nasty!

drollgirl said...

well happy 6 mo. anniversary!

and i love your pictures! so cute! especially that adorable nephew of yours! he is a QT!