Wednesday, November 30, 2011

christmas traditions.

I wouldn't call myself a traditionalist but there are times when tradition is very important to me. Like many others, Christmas is that time for me. Guy and I enjoy traveling together and we wanted a way to remember all of our travels through the years. Years ago we started buying Christmas ornaments and it's become my favorite thing about our Christmas decor. Last night I was staring at my tree, taking in the ambiant lighting & yummy tree scents. I couldn't help but smile as I looked at all the different memories that hang on our tree. I'm very thankful for these memories and am so glad I have a way to remember them every year.
Siena, Italy/ homemade from Guy/ Austin, TX
Florence, Italy/ NYC, NY/ Las Vegas, NV
Siena, Italy/ Maui, HI/ Lexington, KY

Do have a favorite Christmas tradition??


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I love Christmas traditions! We always read "The Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve, and my mom has a tradition of buying us a new ornament every year. Now that I have my own house and own tree, I have all these ornaments from the 80's on 90's on it, reminding me of all my Christmases at home.

Lindsay said...

Ornaments are a big tradition in my family. Each year I received one, so I would be able to make my own tree when I finally moved out. Andy and I exchange ornaments each year too, and we also pick them up on our travels. I think it's the perfect souvenir! I love that you do this too!

~KS said...

What an awesome idea!!!

I never meant to do this, but every year, I put the same ornament on my tree first. I realized this when I looked at pictures over the years of my Xmas decorating so now I've made it a tradition.

When my gramma was still alive, we used to love baking cookies. My mom and I still do it but it just isn't quite the same.

When we were little, my dad would bundle us up and pack us in the car and we'd drive around looking at lights. We haven't done that for years but once Tiny is here, I'd love to start doing that with her.

Holly said...

im kicking myself for not getting an ornament while we were in hawaii!

Carolyn said...

We do this too! I LOVE looking at all the memories on our tree. :)

bananas. said...

so i know the yankees ornament is supposed to signify new york and everything...but i hate the yankees. like loathe them. lol.

not too many traditions for me...just watching love actually over and over and over again.

navy and orange said...

too cute!

xoxo navy & orange

yours truly, melissa said...

Excellent tradition! I may have to steal this idea... I used to collect magnets, but then that got tacky (& also because that was a tradition from a previous & lame relationship)!

Principal Murdock said...

We do our best to make homemade picture ornaments every year. Now that Sumer is 16 and Mya is 11 our tree is primarily filled with these simple yet beautiful homemade ornaments. I absolutely love having our tree become a visual of "all the years gone by."