Wednesday, October 26, 2011

adventures in kentucky: part two

On our last day in Kentucky, we went to the Keenland Race Track. Truth be told, we picked the weekend we went much because Keeneland was running. I had been before but Guy had not and it truly is an experience. The horses are such much more beautiful than any picture can convey.
{a view of the track}

{before the horses run, they parade around a smaller track so you can get a better view}

{waiting for the first race to begin!}

{aren't they amazing?!}

I know I promised some dancing pictures but after reviewing them... they're a bit too incriminating for the blog. Late night dancing after day drinking does not a blog post make.



{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Too fun. I love horses! You and guy look awesome :)

Lindsay said...

What a fun little trip! I've heard such good things about Keenland. I really should have made the trip when I was at school in Cinci. And I'm dying for your jacket!

Katie said...

Love the dancing comment...if only others would abide by these wise words ;)

bananas. said...

i disagree with that last statement...


please and thank you.