Monday, September 19, 2011

you're a wizard Harry.

Oh Monday... why must you insist of rearing your ugly head so soon.
But if you must, we must recap the weekend.
Guy and I took my parents to 82 Queen which is a fabulous restaurant in Charleston that *gasp* I had not been to yet?! I didn't even know there were restaurants in Charleston I hadn't been to. I clearly need to step up my game.
But back to 82 Queen... we had an amazing meal that made it clear I've been missing out.
{just part of the delicious menu... it was tough to choose!}

{not that touch actually... once I saw fried chicken with taso gravy and a corn waffle... I was sold}

{a sweet ending to the evening}

{my adorable hubs}

We spent the rest of the weekend watching football, visiting friends, and eating more amazing food. Oh, and catching up on Harry Potter. (Yes, I'm 10 years behind and had never seen any Harry Potter movies!)

Two down... and many more to go!
And what do you think... worth reading the books after you've seen the movies? Or should I have read them first?



Lindsay said...

The books are always worth reading, but I wouldn't watch any other movies before reading the next 5 books. As good as the movies are, they just don't do the story justice.

ps love your braid!

Holly said...

ok, i need to go to the south because there just isnt enough fried chicken here.

also, ive never seen any HP either.

AND your braid is adorable.

Katie said...

You and your husband are too cute...that is all :)

Dee Stephens said...

Love it!! yummy!

bananas. said...

i'm not gonna lie, i puked a little in my mouth looking at that fried chicken over waffles with gravy.

you are way more southern that i'll ever be! i bow down!!!

as for HP, the movies are the best! just wait til you get to that last two = pure amazingness! HP is my hero.

Collins @ Life. Mostly Sweet. said...

okay, mouth dropped open when i saw that picture of you two. that dress and your braid are AMAZING lady!

Padgett Hoke said...

wowza, that looks so delicious! I need to get to the south, jackson has no such thing as chicken and waffles - waa? your dress looks fab by the way! what a great looking couple!

Jen said...

I'd say stop watching the movies now and read the books first. There are so many details in the books that the movies just couldn't touch on... I also think you'll understand the movies even more after reading the books because they make some assumptions... especially in the later movies.

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i'm JUST NOW reading the maybe i'll get the movies eventually.

and i may love you for your appreciation of the deliciousness that is chicken and waffles...NO ONE UNDERSTANDS!!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

YUM. That was on my list for CRW but we never made it. The patio is absolutely magical.