Wednesday, September 7, 2011

spreadin' the blog love

So I realized last night it's been a while since I spread the blogger love. I've discovered so many fabulous blogs over the last few years and have made such wonderful friends... I thought why keep these ladies all to myself! I'm nice like that.
First up is drollgirl. One of the snarkiest, funniest women out there. Her dating adventures are some of my favorite posts out there!
Next we have Lindsay of La Belle Vie. Her blog is a bit fashion, a bit entertainment, and whole lot of adorable.
And then we have Miss Bananas herself. Mayra is a whole lotta fierce, funny, and fab. I imagine her and I would be fast friends if we didn't live across the country from one another.

Next we have our most recent bride Holly, of Zucchero Zucchero. Possibly one of the cutest gals out there! I may or may not be obsessed with her sweet kitty Pete too.

I've recently discovered Meagan of Mo, Pie Please and I'm so glad I did! Her lovely blog is a little bit of everything and daily place for inspiration!

Chassity is both a IRL friend, as well as stylish blogger! Chassity heads up Look Linger Love, a blog that is chalk full of style and inspiration.

There are so many others I'd love to share but I think I'll share the love in multiple posts.
Now it's your turn... what blog are you loving that I should check out immediately?!


Cheryl E. said...

Thanks, I love finding new and fun blogs. Im going to go check out these ladies.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the love girl! Why can't we all live close together and be friends in real life?! I'm sure I'll be spending my day reading through the archives of the others you recommended :)

~KS said...

I don't know a few of these so once I have some down time I will be checking them out for sure!!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Aw Morgan you're such a sweetheart to include me. Thanks so much for the love! Adore your blog too.

Nicole Marie said...

i love these girls

Nicole Marie said...

i love these girls

bananas. said...

first of all...we're already fast friends!! DUH!! ;)

as you know, i've had my bad share of bloggy friendships but i truly cherish ours. you were one of my very first readers and after 2+ years, you've stuck around. you're an awesome person, beautiful inside and out and i think we're ALL honored to get to know you one post at a time.

also, i know for a FACT we would be friends in "real life" because:

a. you drink.
b. you eat like a real woman.
c. you're fashionably stylish.
d. you're smart and funny.
e. you work hard, you play hard.

thank you, THANK YOU for mentioning me in this post. it means the world to be right in the same category as drollgirl. i friggen love that girl too!

Holly said...

aw morgan! i thank you for the shout out! you are one of my faves too and i wish we could hang in real life!!