Tuesday, September 13, 2011

new uses for old things: men's button down

Remember Tom Cruise sliding down that hallway in his button down playing air guitar?
Yeah, pretty much since then the button down has been iconic in fashion history.
Even supermodels are sporting the look.
A white shirt probably couldn't look better.

I stumbled upon this video last week and couldn't not post. I love all the possibilities explored with one measly men's button down.

Hope you enjoyed!
Have a great Tuesday loves!


Accidental Syrup said...

OMG that is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!! I must try!

Holly said...

i love how there is a tutorial for everything these days! so helpful

bananas. said...

i'll need to watch that video later when i'm on my personal nextwork.

this post makes me feel uber cool as i've got my white button up on now!

Kristen said...

Ohh you gotta love mens shirts!

Nicole Marie said...

i mean if she wore a paper bag it would be hot on her

the best part of my day... said...

Love this...nothing beats a crisp, white shirt...nothing. Cheers.