Tuesday, June 21, 2011

facebook strategery.

Facebook intrigues me. It's truly like each person has their own strategy when manuevering Facebook.
To friend or not to friend?
To like or not to like?
To tag?
To poke? (wait... does poking exist still?)

I recently got to thinking about this because I've seen a few Facebook friends post about 'cleaning' their Facebook friend list.
Honestly, I would have never thought to do this. Do you do this? There's no right or wrong... just doesn't even cross my mind.
And then there's Friend Requests. We've all gotten them...the person requests you but you aren't sure who they are. Or you know who they are but you don't want to open up your daily ramblings to them. My personal favorite is the girl that was a total B to the izzo to you in high school now wants to be friends with you. My oh my how 10 years and technology can change a person!
So what do you do? Leave them hanging in limbo? Immediately decline?

So hit me with it..... what's your Facebook strategy?

PS Who can name where the term 'strategery' was coined??


Jennifer said...

I have done the cleaning of the friends list. Funny that most of the people on my list, I do not know in real life. They are all from The Knot when I was getting married.

I totally know what you mean about the girl who suddenly wants to be friends with you now even though in HS she hated you. It's hilarious to me! I think, really girl? Really?

~KS said...

Barely use it. I play games and that's pretty much it. I changed my name (because I don't want crazy client stalking me down) and deleted almost every "friend" I had. I figure the people I really really want to connect with I can in other ways. I keep it going because we do check our clients' FB pages...

Michelle said...

I am in the middle of a facebook friend deletion project! I actually started it when I hit 1,000 friends and I was like, this is ridiculous, I don't really have 1,000 friends! I didn't really feel like so many people I didn't really know should have access to info about me. So, I'm down to about 825 (still working on it) and my new rule is that if it would be awkward if I ran into you on the street in real life, then I delete ya'. :)

Dee Stephens said...

I deleted like 200 people a few months back. It was getting ridiculous.
I totally hate the girls in high school that were B's that now want to be 'friends' PLZZZ

Holly said...

dubya! blech!

i dont have facebook, so this is interesting for me to read! of course, all my friends and fam are on there.

Padgett Hoke said...

I like to leave people in what I call "facebook purgatory". where I can't decide whether to friend them or decline them. I am much more of a stalker of others than actually do much on my page so I don't totally mind accepting rando friends because they aren't going to find much on my profile except links to the blog where I guess they could really stalk me then... hmm, not sure if that makes much sense!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I just deleted a million people, I don't talk too... No use in them stalking if I am not interested in seeing their page. When I get request, if they're not someone I know I deny if its not someone I want to talk too, I usually keep them in the waiting for a while and then months later deny because then they prob just forgot, haha.

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Great post. I either accept or deny right away (can't stand to see that I have friend requests waiting...). And yes, I randomly delete people when I realize someone's either annoying and or there's no need for us to be friends. I don't want to end up with too many on there, I always think its dumb when I see people with 1000+ friends... unless of course they're younger.

bananas. said...

gah i hate facebook! i love it but i hate it. and yes i clean house occassionally. this is because in the past i've added people only to realize they aren't interested in anything but stalking.

i also reject friend requests right away. no need to let them wait, if i don't know them...i don't know them! that's that :)

Kirsten said...

This facebook thing you are referencing? I myself cannot answer because I do not have one so I cannot say but I am pretty sure my sister cleans house.

Jamie said...

Facebook is so fake. Nobody really talks about whats going on in their life. I have one and barley talk to all of my friends. Its just a popularity contest. Nice post! I love your blog.

drollgirl said...

my annoying brother recently tried to tag me as a relative on facebook. i did not/have not responded. i do NOT want to receive all of his propoganda, proselytizing messages, herba life sales pitches, etc.

basically, i think facebook is 50% good and 50% bad. i kind of can't stand it, but i understand why so many like it.