Tuesday, November 30, 2010

are you a bargain shopper?

I pose a question to you today...
Are you a bargain shopper? Or are you someone that can easily and without heartache purchase items full price?
I am most certainly the former... my mom instilled in me from a young age to look for a good deal. For the most part this serves me well... I've got a healthy savings account and don't have credit card debt. On the other hand... I don't quite have the closet my little heart desires.

Take this dress for example:
Remember my mom telling me about this lovely? Well I've been coveting it ever since... and thought I would wait until it went on sale before I bought it. The pitfall of that plan was that my size is already gone.
Morgan - 0 ; Full Price Shoppers - 1

So what say you? Do you find something, love it, and go for it? Or do you wait it out on the chance that you can get it at a more reasonable price??
Oh, and I realize I've been living under a rock but I just discovered Gilt and have bought two things already.... this may be a dangerous relationship.

Monday, November 29, 2010

getting my craft on!

Hope everyone had a relaxing & wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. When I wasn't sick (see previous post for backstory), I was hanging with these two cuties.
Unfortunately they had to go home Saturday morning.... but that meant I was able to get lots done this past weekend. Guy and I decided it was time to clean house and start getting it ready for Christmas decor.
Our first holiday activity was making each other ornaments. If you haven't done this before, I highly recommend it. We had a blast!
{the true artist in our family!}

{painting is not my forte but I completely loved doing it}

{our ornaments! Guy made the Santa, I painted the mitten}
I can't wait to get them back next week (after they've been glazed and fired) so we can hang them on our tree!
All day Sunday was spent decorating... everything but our tree. We'll tackle that next weekend. I decided to continue my crafty weekend by taking on an easy DIY inspired by Chassity's post.

Inspiration image:


Aren't they great?!(and it's so easy to do!) All you need are pinecones, fisheye hooks, and ribbon. It took a total of 20 minutes and fit beautifully into my Christmas decor.

Can't wait to see what ya'll have been up to! Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

offically stuffed...but thankful.

Whoa people. I'm STUFFED. More so than usual but that's because things haven't exactly gone the way I planned.... let me explain.
- Both my brothers families were suppose to come into town... only one was able to make it.
- Of the family that was able to make it, two of the four family members got sick and haven't been able to enjoy a few days of the vacation
- I of course get said sickness and spent Tuesday and Wednesday laid up in bed watching Keeping up with the Kardashians reruns
- Today I can finally eat, after two days of only eating two eggs and two pieces of cheese, and end up stuffing myself to the brim and have since been in a coma like state.
- I missed Guy's family's Wednesday night party and today's Thanksgiving so I wouldn't get them sick... first time I've missed those traditions in four years of dating.

So as you can see... not what I planned for this week but I'm still thankful for getting sick and well in a matter of two days, for the family that could and couldn't make it, for the wonderful meal my mom cooked, and for my amazing fiance who took care of me when I was a huge baby and insisted on only drinking out of straws.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

yay or nay: faux fur

For our Thanksgiving week round of Yay or Nay we have: Faux Fur.
Yay? or Nay?
I'm full on NAY. I hate real fur, faux fur, anything with fur. I think it looks ridiculous and sends the wrong message all around.
I'm interested to hear your thoughts.....

{Katherine looks pretty...just wish she wasn't in fur, fake or not}

{Kim in all black but the fur vest is wholly unnecessary}


{What died on Posh's neck??}

{umm...not even sure what that is suppose to be but hating it.}

I *think* all of these are faux based on my google searches but at least two are looking real which are even more frustrating. But what say you? Are you down with faux fur?
Happy Tuesday!
images via google

Monday, November 22, 2010

date night at husk.

I was looking forward to Friday night all week because Guy and I were finally getting a date night together. We've been traveling so much the past few months, we hadn't had a night out in Charleston in months! We decided to go a new restaurant in Charleston called Husk.
What makes Husk special is it's all local, sustainable food done in new, creative ways by James Beard award winner Sean Brock. I was excited to get dressed up and check it out.

top: anthropologie
pencil skirt: target

polka dot tights: macy's (love!)
shoes: newport news

{Tried to get a cute jacket shot and got a shot of Guy peeking in instead}
jacket: laundry

{Husk's amazing bar in the carriage house next door to the restaurant}

{Two words. Ham. Plate. Amazing, especially the homemade mustard!}

{love me some family style sides.... collards and corn bread}

Of course my camera ran out of battery and I didn't get pictures of our entrees... which were equally amazing but you'll have to trust me on that.
Hope you all are having a great start to your Thanksgiving week. I'm working today but then on vacation!

Friday, November 19, 2010

license to wear sequins

The day after Thanksgiving means one thing for me:
The license to wear sequins whenever and however I like.
I wish this was my closet...

But since it's not.... I've been eyeing up these pretties....

via (Kmart people!!!)

What's your go to holiday fashion addition to your wardrobe?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

irrational fears.

Do ya'll have any irrational fears? If not, don't worry... I have enough for all of you.
I think it I have a slight case of OCD and it manifests itself in my fears around heat/fire/burning my house down.
Let me explain....

Irrational Fear #1
I have a fear that I'm going to burn my house down by leaving my Chi hair straightener on. I have to tell myself, out loud, that I've turned it off... and also ask Guy at least 3x on the way out of the house if I turned it off. I think many girls have this fear.... but mine is bad.

Irrational Fear #2
Sigh... my toaster oven. Anytime I use it, I leave the door open for HOURS after using it. As if the thing is going to spontaneously combust after use. Guy trys to rationalize with me that if I don't do that with the actual oven (which I don't), then why would I do it with a toaster oven.
It's called 'irrational' for a reason people....

Irrational Fear #3

I'm convinced that I'm going to turn the dryer on and Gus is accidentally going to be in there. I haven't even told Guy this one....I just ritually check where Gus is before I dry anything. And if Guy is drying clothes without me being involved...I have to sneak in and stop the dryer, make sure Gus isn't in there, and sneak out.
I guess my secret is out.

So please.... tell me you have a irrational fear so I don't feel like such a trainwreck!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i'm engaged... and have pictures to prove it!

Two weeks ago Guy and I went back to the park where we got engaged and had our engagement pictures taken. I was nervous that none of them would turn out (I have a tendency to blink in photos) but was holding faith that we would get at least one that would work.
Luckily for us, our photographer Matt Daniel was amazing and worked miracles during his hour with us. I got the photos yesterday and couldn't wait to share!

I am so happy with the results and am thrilled we have such special moments documented in pictures.  
Wishing you a lovely Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

yay or nay: ponchos

Next up on 'Yay or Nay' - Ponchos.
What's old is new again....
What do you think? Too trendy? Warm and cozy? The perfect coat?
I'm undecided... but I think I'm leaning towards Yay. I need you to convince me one way or another!

{Dakota is always adorable... poncho or no poncho}

{liking the pattern; I'm thinking Kim pulls it off yes?}

{styling not right but again, liking the pattern}

{just meh...bad color, shape, and picture}

Can't wait to hear - yay or nay?

Monday, November 15, 2010

was that a basketball or football game?

Good grief that weekend went fast! I had so much fun in Madison... it feels like a whirlwind and before I knew it I was back on an airplane breathing recycled air and drinking flat Diet Coke.
As you can guess I'm exhausted today but I had to post a view photos from our weekend back in Madison... where it all began.

{We hit one of our favorite bars to begin our night. We carb loaded on nachos, fried cheese curds (my FAVORITE!), and anything else with cheese on the menu}

{love this candid pic in front of the Capital building}

{we bar hopped all night, with our drinking bands on}

{it poured while we tailgate. nothing was going to stop us from taking down a few Spotted Cow beer and enjoying being in the best college football town!}

{the BEST mascot to ever exist.... BUCKY!!!}

{our boys about to score}

{the. best. burger. ever.}

Needless to say... it was a food filled, football watching weekend spent with some of my favorite people in this World. I'm a lucky girl...

*post title refers to the Badger win of
83-20 against the Hoosiers