Friday, July 30, 2010

if i had my way....

...McDonald's would be calorie & fat free so I could eat it everyday

...Dave Matthews would be my wedding band

...I'd be able to move all my family members to Charleston

...I would work from home, in my pj's, with Will & Grace reruns in the background

...and I guess we can throw World Peace in there (but Dave Matthews takes presidence)  :)

If you had your way..... what would it look like?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

when to take a stand?

The other morning I heard my local radio personalities arguing over various aspects related to immigration laws...probably brought on by everything that is going on in Arizona.
They mentioned various bands (Maroon 5 is the only one I know of) are boycotting Arizona because they disagree with what's going on and want to take a stand.

I get it. Totally. But is there a time when taking a stand is hurting more than it's doing? Think about all the people who can't see their favorite band because of something they have no control over.

So then a caller chimed in and was talking about how he won't hire contractors that use Mexican workers. Huh? Wait.... what? How, dear sir, do you know those workers are a)Mexican and b) if they are, aren't legal? He said he didn't care, didn't want to go through the hassle of looking at papers so avoids it all together.
So basically people are punished for their race? Because you think you're taking a stand. I don't know... I don't get it. If you're that willing to take a stand,and want legal workers (which I get & agree with) - how much harder is it to check their papers?
I'm rambling. The whole topic has just been on my mind. I'm not trying to get political here. It's more about if there is a right or wrong way to take a stand and hold your ground? And I don't know if there is an answer to that question?

they're back......

It's ridiculous how excited I am for Jersey Shore to be back.
Snooki... I've missed you.

Who's watching?!?!?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mid week recommendations.

I've come across some great products recently and thought I would share. I hope you'll do the same!
Fire Road Sauvignon Blanc
Delicious! I was introduced to this during my Memphis girl's weekend and have been thinking about it ever since. Guy and I haven't found it in Charleston yet but we're heading to our wine mecca this weekend to continue the search!

Bella by Illume Candles for Target
These are my new favorite candles. There are five scents and all are yummy! They're a bit pricy for Target ($8-$10 per candle) but they look great, last long, and most importantly smell amazing!

Weeds Season 5
Guy and I don't have Showtime so we're a season behind on Weeds. Man oh man was season five good! You need to rent Weeds if you're looking for a good show to watch - so funny & smart!

Have ya'll discovered anything great lately? Do share!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

babies! and cute baby things!

Last night I was lucky enough to spend the evening with my sweet nephew Max. My brother and sister-in-law live in D.C. but they're vacationing near Myrtle Beach so my parents got Max for a few days while they get some couple time.
{sweet baby Max}
{ignore my shiny face. it was a heat index of 117 yesterday}
So I of course had baby on the brain when I left and did some fun Etsy searches to find some cute boy baby items. There were a plethora.

Long Sleeve T's - $2.00/each

And I can't complete a baby post without wishing mommy-to-be Kristen best wishes today! Thinking of you and can't wait to see your sweet little boy!

Monday, July 26, 2010

scenes from our saturday kayak adventure.

On Saturday Guy & I went kayaking with his team from work. Kayaking in Charleston is always a great reminder of how gorgeous the lowcountry is and how blessed I am to live here.
We've pledged to kayak more often because it was such a fun experience.

Hope you were all able to do something that reminded you how lucky you are to live the life you do.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

our yearly trek to charlotte.

Every year Guy & I take a road trip to Charlotte, N.C. to see the Dave Matthews Band. They've been my favorite band since 9th grade and I've seen them at least once a year ever since. I'm feel lucky that Guy loves them too so we can have such a fun night every year.
Our fun night, however, started a bit bumpy. We left work extra early so we'd get to Charlotte in time to see the opening act: the one and only Amos Lee. I love Amos Lee and felt like I was getting a 'twofer' getting to see both him & DMB in one night.
Unfortunately we (read: he) decided that we should pick up some Chic Fil A and check in to our hotel for  30 minutes or so to relax. We (read: he) thought we wouldn't have problems with traffic. We (read: me) knew otherwise.
We ate, changed, relaxed and hit the road in what we (read: he) thought would be enough time to get to the show and see Amos Lee. Yeah... notsomuch. We ended up sitting in traffic for an hour and a half trying to get into the venue and ended up only hearing ONE SONG of Amos'.
Morgan was not pleased.
As I was pouting into my Miller Lite, Guy redeemed himself. He saw Amos wandering around near the concessions. Shockingly (or maybe not so shockingly) no one seemed to know who he was so we got to walk right up to him, chat, and get a picture. Totally made my evening.
{boo to grainy Droid camera. hooray for having something to snap a picture with!}
So from there on out we had an amazing night. DMB rocked the house.
Seriously. Best show I've seen in a long time. And that's saying alot when I've seen them over 20 times. They played mostly old school jams that I hadn't heard live since the late 90's. We couldn't have asked for a better show.
So that was my Wednesday evening. An evening like that makes a Thursday at work extremely hard... especially when you got up at 5:30a and drove three hours home to make it to work.
Diet Coke here I come!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wishing for cooler weather.

Fossil's stylists are on point.
Remember how I posted about their summer collection... and how much I loved it?
That was nothing compared to their fall look book.
Sweet retail heaven above do I want it all.
And I mean all.
{I haven't bought into the plaid fad since the late 90's but I might have to when I purchase that jacket!}
{feminine yet a bit industrial}
{the belt will be mine}

{green & marigold? meow}
{I plan to match my umbrella to my outfit this year}
{need the skirt; have the other pieces in some form.}
{I will most definitely be wearing this outfit in Italy this fall}
{loves it}
And can we talk about the model for a moment? GORGEOUS.
I'll take her hair, complexion, eyes, and jawbone.
What do you think of Fossil's fall collection?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

best summer treat ever!

Well, maybe not the best but it was damn good.
And the best part - it's from Costco. This means you can buy it in bulk.
Sign me up.
It's sorbet. Served in fruit. Cold, hallowed out fruit.
All the flavors you could ever want... coconut, pineapple, orange, and some mysterious pink sorbet in a lemon that was quite delicious.
It was the perfect accoutrement (it took me five tries and google to spell that correctly by the way) to my Coors Light. I must find this at my local Costco!

In other news... who has seen Inception???
It. Was. Brillant.
Guy and I loved it. What we didn't love were the 5 pre teens chatting throughout the entire movie. We actually got up and moved to the other side of the theatre 5 minutes in. And let's be honest... they didn't have a clue what was going on. The left 40 minutes in and came back for the last 30.
But back to the point.
Go see it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

lessons learned: memphis trip

I'm back from a short but wonderful weekend to Memphis. Here are some of my lessons learned:

Delta stands for Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport.  
If you saw my last post, you noticed my trip didn't start well. My original flight was cancelled, my second flight was late (causing me to miss my ATL>MEM flight) and I was on standby for the last flight to Memphis when I should have been in Memphis at 4:30p. Fortunately, luck was finally on my side and I was the last person to board the flight and made it to Memphis at 11:45p.

You meet your 'forever friends' in college.
These are my ladies - Annie, Sarah, and Erica. We were on the same floor freshman year of college and have been a part of each other's lives ever since. We make it a point to meet once a year (at least!) to catch up on what's going on in each others lives. Being that we live all over the country... Ohio, New York, Wisconsin, and South Carolina... reunions are desperately needed. The only thing that would have made it better is if our fifth could have been there. Missed you Erin!

When there's a Chinese statue around...
you must take picture with it.
Notice the haze?Yeah... no clue way that happened... but we loved it. Kind of 'Gorillas in the Mist' but with China man statues and girls on vacation. :)

So even though I started my weekend all rage-y and shout-y with the airlines... it ended happily. My girls and I had a wonderful weekend filled with drinks, laughter and not a whole lot of sleep. Can't wait to see them all again - most likely for my bachelorette party next year!
Hope your week is starting off well. I'm back on the road again tomorrow so I'm going to relish being home..even if just for a day!

Friday, July 16, 2010

looking for friendly skies!

via google images
Heading on a weekend adventure to Memphis TN to be with three of my favorite people in the whole World. It's a college reunion of sorts, minus one very important person. (We'll miss you Erin!)
Here's to friendly skies, no thunderstorms, and cocktails on the plane.
Have a wonderful weekend friends! I'll catch up with you Sunday!
Update! Delta cancelled my flight and I am now leaving close to five hours later than I was suppose to. NOT. PLEASED. And hating Delta....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

are you getting in your own way?

I heard someone ask a friend of hers if she was getting in her own way. I heard it in passing, didn't think much of it, and continued on. But for some reason, it's stuck with me.
Are you getting in your own way?
Those are some powerful words. And they got me thinking.... am I?
For me, it's specifically around exercise.
Sister needs to exercise but for the life of me I can't motivate myself.
I'm getting in my own way.
I make excuses, over plan myself, don't get up early, etc etc. I used to go to bootcamp but got bored of it and promised myself I'd give myself a month off and start again.
That was two months ago.
So I'm pledging to NOT get in my own way anymore. No more excuses.
I'm going to try different things.
Hip Hop class (you've seen my moves... this might be my calling)
Pilates mat class
Yoga class

I'm going to be accountable to myself. I need to get moving. No more excuses.
So what about you?
Are you getting in your own way??

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

love affair with maps

I've always loved maps.
One of my favorite things to do on Etsy is search all the fun things people make with and of maps.
Here are my favorites from tonight:




I love them all. I've incorporated maps into an aspect of my wedding but I can't reveal how yet. In due time dear readers. : )
Hope you're having a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

please, i beg you, STOP.

I KNOW this is going to be a polaring blog post. I've been thinking about it for some time and just can't NOT post it.
Ladies, we need to chat.
Why, oh WHY, are you making the dreaded 'duck face' in your photos?!?!
You're too pretty to making that scrunched up face in photos.
Do you really want to look like these ladies? Or that 'Situation' wannabe?
via google
Or how about these cuties?
{more unnecessary use of the duckface}
{also via google images}
I beg of you.... either explain why or please stop.
Unless you are the original duckface...

{Full House anyone?}
....or the best duckface...

it ain't working.
K? Glad we're in agreement.
Oh, we're not in agreement.... okay... we can agree to disagree... I still love you.

Monday, July 12, 2010

location decided!

Guy and I have made one very important decision when it comes to the wedding -
the location!
We'll be getting married at the Cotton Dock in Boone Hall Plantation (the country's oldest working plantation) on Friday, May 6th 2011.
It was a stressful process but we're so happy with our decision. We want a small, intimate wedding that is outdoors, a wee bit rustic, and a lot personal. I think the Cotton Dock is going to be perfect.
{it doesn't look like much but it's history, location on the water, and size are perfection}

{inside it's L shaped.. this is as you walk in the main doors}
{imagine lots of lanterns, candles, and flowers}

{the other half of the L. I can't wait to make that fireplace a focal point!}

{the dock... where we'll actually be getting married}
{we love the idea of being married on the creek}

So there you have it. One big check off our list!
Next up - food & music!

Hope you all had a great weekend!