Wednesday, March 31, 2010

getting to know.... ME!

Friends, I'm lacking inspiration today. So I figured why not capitalize on YOUR creativity. I've seen other bloggers do a bit of Q&A on their blog and it always ends up being interesting so I thought I would do the same.
So, without further adieu......
Ask Me Anything!
Get creative people. I'm an open book. {for the most part... a girl has to have her secrets too right?}
Can't wait to see what you come up with!
Answers, linked to the questioner's blog, will be posted within the next two days. :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

morgan's book corner.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I love reading. I've read a couple great books lately that I thought I would share with you lovely readers and hopefully get a few recommendations from you as well!
The Lovely Bones
Great book! I saw the movie, liked it (which I know many of you didn't because you had read the book first) and knew I had to read the book. After reading, I can totally understand why many thought the movie didn't hold a candle to the book. The book is a fabulously written story and was one of those books I couldn't put down.

The Last Song
After The Lovely Bones, I needed something I bit lighter. My mom had read The Last Song and said it was an easy but good read so I took her up on the recommendation. I'm so happy I did. Nicholas Sparks certainly isn't one of my favorite authors but the man sure can weave a story. I really latched unto the story line and read this in a matter of a few days.
Funny thing I learned.... Nicholas Sparks wrote this story with Miley Cyrus in mind for the movie. Miley actually choose the main character's name, Ronnie. Originally I was against the movie because she was in it but since learning this - I think I may see it. That said, nothing will ever be The Notebook!

What have you been reading? Would you recommend any??

Monday, March 29, 2010

oh happy day!

We had such an amazing Saturday evening. Two of our close friends, John & Allison, got married. They chose a beautiful, historic location downtown and definitely created a night to remember!
{the handsome groom & beautiful bride}
{this picture doesn't do her dress justice....}

{I was in love with their cake. The frosting looked like sweetgrass baskets which are a local tradition in Charleston}

{CLo,me, Kel, Courtney, & Collins}

{the view from the gorgeous Rice Mill building}

{gathering around the bride!}

{some of my skills on the dance floor}
{Leslie mastering the art of incorporating your pashmina into your dance moves}

Congratulations again Allison & John! Truly one of the most beautiful weddings I've been too!
Hope everyone else had as wonderful of a weekend as I did.

Friday, March 26, 2010

a perfect spring weekend.

Happy Friday All!
After traveling this week, I'm so happy to have the weekend in front of me to relax and have some fun. Guy and I had opposite traveling schedules the past two weeks so we're overdue for a fun weekend!
We plan to:
- head to a going away happy hour tonight for a coworker that is moving to Europe (lucky!)
- have a date night afterwards at a really nice restuarant that we have a gift certificate for. Even better!
- big plans fo Saturday.... bike ride, brunch, wedding celebration for one of my closest friends, and party all night!
- recooperate Sunday... this could include a beach walk, brunch, bike ride or all of the above!
Enjoy your weekend! Catch up with you Monday!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


June 13th couldn't come soon enough. 
Do you watch?

file your complaint here.

Rough night at my house last night.
Exhibit A:
News of House Democrats lives being threatened.

Really people? I know Healthcare Reform is polarizing but threatening peoples lives? REALLY? I know I shouldn't have been shocked but I was. And I am. Bricks thrown through windows. Gas lines cut.
Exhibit B:
Modern Family.
I love this show. I think about it throughout the week. I randomly quote lines from it to my friends. Last night it was on. But you know what wasn't on? My ABC channel. Because it was the one channel that wasn't working, During Modern Family. I thought I was going to loose my shit. Correction: I did loose my shit. Guy had to talk me off the ledge and remind me that we should be able to find it on Hulu or Fox online. I was then able to retract my fangs and resumed eating ice cream.
Exhibit C:
Said ice cream all over my clothing.
Apparently I couldn't get anything right last night.

Hope your Wednesday night was more successful! Here's to a lovely Thursday!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what vegas can do to you.

Setting: Las Vegas Airport, Sunday morning, after four days at a bachelor party
Who: Guy

Sunday, 3.21.10, 7:30a

Guy: Cfood God it's Sunday. Can't keep eyes ioen.
Me: Whoa babe. You okay? That didn't make sense.
Guy: Yup. At airpt. Just want to go alee.
Me: Jesus. Stumble unto the plane and go to sleep.

I couldn't resist posting this. So funny how Vegas halts any and all brain functions.
Can't wait to catch up on each and every one of your blogs tonight!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

between two ferns.

Have ya'll seen this? So funny. Zach Galifianakis is hillllarrrious.
And because this is too cute for words:

Happy Tuesday! I'm traveling home today after two days on the road. I'll catch up on your blogs tomorrow!

Monday, March 22, 2010

D list celebrities love me.

I'm traveling today for work so I thought it would be the perfect time to share a little travel story.
The year was 2007. It was one of my first work trips to NYC. I went with my good friend Mags who is also a coworker. We decided to head to the West Village and try La Focaccia, a restaurant we had heard good things about.
{The Sex and the City movie filmed a scene here}
We sat outside because it was a gorgeous evening. You can't tell from the picture above but there are three tables outside, and the restaurant is in a really cute neighborhood. So we're in the middle of dinner and I see a guy get out of a cab about a block away. Immediately I recognize him as the first Bachelor, Alex Michel. {side note, I have an amazing ability to retain useless celebrity information. I can't multipy but I can retain any and all information on Lindsay Lohan} Anyways, I casually say to Maggie that the Bachelor is down the street, we laugh about our "celebrity" sighting and immediately move on.

{Would you have recognized him? Probably not right? I'm ashamed.}
So we're chatting and I see him pacing back and forth across the street from us. He's on the phone. And then he's off. He's back on it. And then he's off. He crosses the street away from us, and then crosses back. Finally, after 10 minutes of this, he starts heading our way.
Me, in hushed tone: The Bachelor is walking this way. The Bachelor is walking this way.
Mags, in a equally hushed tone: No way, no he's not, holy shit I think he is.
Alex: Hi ladies, sorry to interupt, I don't normally do this...(continues to babble for a bit).. but (looking at me) I noticed you from across the street and couldn't not stop by and ask you out.
Me: Wow, that's really kind of you.
Alex: My name is Alex, what's your name?
Me: (took everything in me not to say 'Yeah, I know, you're the Bachelor, and your season was the most lame') Hi, I'm Morgan, & this is my friend Maggie.
Alex: Nice to meet you both. Again, I don't do this often, but would you like to go to dinner?
Me: I'm actually not from here, I'm from Charleston, S.C. and I have a boyfriend. (Guy & I had been dating just a few months at this point)
Alex: (totally awkward at this point) Well, I should have figured pretty ladies like you would either be married or dating. (At this point he asks for my business card, I don't have it on me, he awkwardly says goodbye, and hustles on his way)
Mags and I immediately whip out our cell phones, me calling Guy and her calling our girlfriends, and laugh the rest of the evening. Our waiter joins in and says it was a good show. :)
So there you have it. My brush with a D list celebrity.
Hope you all have a great start to your week!

Friday, March 19, 2010

chocolate croissants & wine.

Yup, chocolate croissants and wine will be my diet for 8 days because...
Guy & I are going to Italy!!!!!!!
Can you tell I'm excited? I've been dreaming about booking this trip for a year now and finally booked our flights this week. We will be flying to Florence Italy October 3rd -12th. I couldn't be more excited. It was a big decision but we both decided life is too short and we don't have anything tying us down so why not. I'm so happy I'm with someone that enjoys travel as much as I do. I'm very lucky.
{we're going to use Florence as our home base and take day trips from there. we've heard nothing but amazing things about Florence. I mean come on, look at this picture!}

{I can't wait to walk the streets, pop into a cafe and people watch}

{um, hi. look at those buildings. they're amazing!}

{one thing we're sure of is doing a wine tour in Tuscany}
I could go on and on. I feel so lucky to be able to take a trip like this. We absolutely won't take it for granted and will spend the next 6 months looking forward to it.
On a more immediate note, hope you all enjoy your weekend!! Spring weather has arrived in Charleston so I'll be outside as much as I can be!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

thursday non profit spotlight

I can't believe it's been so long since I've done a non profit spotlight.
Shame on me!
I saved a good one for today however.
Angel's Gate Hospice for Animals

This organization is amazing. Their focus is providing abused, challenged, and abandoned animals a home for life. They focus on wellness and quality of life for the animals. They have a beautiful ranch in upstate New York where the animals have an amazing place to live out their days.
Click this link to see a spot Oprah did on them a few years ago. (some of the audio comes and goes but you'll get the gist)
You can't not view that video and think this place is extraordinary. I wish I lived closer so I could visit or be a volunteer. For now, monetary donations will have to do.
Do you have a favorite charity?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I was just humbled. I ran home, opened the computer and here I am. I feel like I need to get it out. Who knew a humbling experience could happen at Domino's but it did. My folks and I decided we were going to share a pizza tonight so I picked one up (side bar.... it was amazing,they really stepped up their game, try it!). Anyways, I bounced in the door - trying to avoid the down pour we're currently experiencing- and was met with a familiar face. An old acquaintance I hadn't seen in a few years. He's smart, friendly, and a talented architect. And now he's working at Domino's. I couldn't believe he was the one ringing me up. I tried to hide my surprise, ask him how he was doing, and not make it to awkward. But you know what - he was, not surprisingly, amazing. He opened up about being laid off from his architecture firm, working at Domino's for the past year, and had a general sense of being grateful for having a job at all. I walked out of there humbled.
I need more of that in my life. More people that are completely grateful for where they're at and who, excuse the pun, turn lemons into lemonade. I'm not that person but I'll be damned if I don't try harder at it. I so often fall into the negative. Sad to say but I think if I had been in his position, and knew that someone I knew was coming in - I would have taken a break to avoid the situation. But he didn't. And I respect him for that. And I think I learned more out of this experience than I have the last three months.
I know I'm rambling. So I'll stop. But this is my promise to myself. I'm going to try and be grateful for each day. For where I am. Who I'm with. And not what I don't have, or want, or think I need.
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some randomness for your wednesday.

Giddy up. More random facts about moi.
I hate talking on the phone.
I've never liked it. I don't know what it is about it that I hate so much I just know I can't do it. And funny enough, I'm in a career where I do quite a bit of it. And I really don't mind it all that much at work but at home, it's the last thing I want to do. Even with my bestest of friends... I struggle. I have found a nice alternative - Skype. I can skype much better than I can talk on the phone. Hooray for technology.

I don't sweat. No really, I don't. It's odd really. I do get bright red in the face when I run. But sweat, notsomuch. It's a good thing I suppose.
Well, wait. My nose will bead up on occasion. That's annoying. But hell, it could be way worse.

I've been meaning to ask this:
What in God's name is Farmville???
I've seen more than a few grown adults with minute by minute FB updates regarding saving a cat or herding some cattle. Is this is the SIMS of the Facebook generation? Can you really multitask well enough at work that you can play (I assume you play?) Farmville and complete your work? Because there sure are a lot of 9-5'ers that are building a Maison in Farmville. :)
Someone, anyone... please explain.

And finally..... HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!! Drink some green beer & celebrate! xoxo

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

combinations i'm loving.

The other night I had some fun on Polyvore creating some of clothing combinations I'm recently loving.
{lace & ruffles. perfect for a date night or girls night out}
{gray & red. i'll be wearing something like this very soon}

{and of course, letting the accessories be the shining stars of the outfit}

Any color combinations you're loving lately? Or texture combinations? Do tell!

Monday, March 15, 2010

say it's so! again.

{guest appearance by J.T.}
{cast of Glee}
Best. Idea. Ever.

saturday bike ride.

Saturday was the perfect spring day. 70 and sunny. Guy and I immediately knew we wanted to go for a bike ride and get brunch at our favorite spot on the island.
{one of the many bridges along the bike path}

{seagrass along the creek}

{a perfect morning}

{a lovely sign that spring is here!}

{a brunch must... mimosas!}

{the daniel island classic at laura albert's. delicious}
Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend full of perfect spring days!

Friday, March 12, 2010

vendredi! viernes! friday!

Dearest Friday,
I'm so happy you're here. This week wasn't painful but it certainly wasn't extraordinary. Let's try and change that with today. How about you make the work day fly by, provide fun options for Guy & I tonight, and allow me to beat that damn game on Wii Fit that I can't conquer?
You game? Of course you are. Thanks for being you.
Love, Morgan
p.s. ice cream would be nice too.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

an etsy thursday.

Last night I took some time to search Etsy.
I hadn't been on in what feels like ages and I (of course) found some items I love.
Love the print, size, and brass clasp.

I won a similar vintage bee brooch and love it. Who wouldn't want this little bee on her lapel?

If you can really wear this pretty little number seven ways - I'm sold.

So simple yet so interesting. I heart them. Now if only I could wear earrings again. My ears are rejecting all earrings and it's uber frustrating. Please help!!

Mine! Bawahahaha! {insert maniacal laugh here}
You didn't think I could spend a hour on Etsy and not find something I couldn't live without.
I can't wait to wear this little charm around my neck.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

say it's so!

Oh please, oh please. I hope this rumor is true.
Rachel McAdams.
Jake Gyllenhaal.
Budding romance.
They would be my 'it' couple.
We all know I love Rachel.(see here) And Jake, well, is just too adorable for words.
I hope more pictures of them surface soon!
Oh, and Rachel's dress at the Oscars.

I need! I want! {insert grabby hands here}

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

bring on the wine!

Guy, Maggie, John and I went to the Charleston Food & Wine Festival this past Sunday. I hadn't been before and am so glad we decided to go this year! We'll definitely be making it a yearly event.
We tried around 15 different wines from wineries all over the World and sampled food from at least 10 different restaurants in Charleston. It couldn't have been more fun!
{one of the many wine stops}

{my guy. double fisting. it's how we do.}

{we caught a chef demonstration!}

{Mags & I}

{loving the detail in my new cameras photos!}

{one of our many tastings}
Hope your week is going well! It's only Tuesday but so far so good!