Friday, December 3, 2010

you're powerful.

Yesterday I read a book in one day.
It was that good.
And you all should read it.

I literally couldn't put it down. It was exactly what I needed and has really help set me on the path I was searching for. I especially loved chapter 29:

Power is not given. Power is Taken

We all need to remember this. People don't give you power.... you take power. You're not given a job because you ask politely for it.... you take a job because you're the best damn person for it. Or you don't take your creativity and accidentally make something fabulous out of it.... you take that idea, put hard work in, and make your own success.

You may look like a kitten.... but you're a lion dammit.



Padgett Hoke said...

I love book suggestions, and I will definitely give this one a go - I mean if you did it in one day it has to be worth a read!

bananas. said...

yea probably won't read it. i'm not into self help books (is that what this is?) but thats not to say the message is bad. i long to see a lion in the mirror. wait...WTF? no i don't! lol. happy friday hun!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Looks like it has a very good message - and totally agree with the power - that's a good reminder :)

Celeste said...

The last line is my favorite. So true :)

OceanDreams said...

What a great book and good job for devouring it! Love your last line as well and what a great kitten turned tiger! GRRR!

Poppy said...

I'm definitely going to read this & buy it for a friend who is moving away to get a fresh start at life. Thanks!