Tuesday, December 28, 2010

to be young, rich, and have places to go.

Guy and I have no plans for New Year Eve.... yet.
But if I did.... and had an endless amount of money... I would find a party to wear one of these beauties!

From the Oscar de la Renta Pre Fall 2011 Collection

Are you dressing up for New Year's Eve? Have you found the perfect dress?
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Laura Darling said...

I would love to wear something like that for New Year's!! ALthough I am seeing fireworks outside at midnight, so it's more likely that I'll be wearing about seven layers of clothes, none of which are as glamorous at those dresses!

Katy Mary said...

I love the 2nd dress so much! We are going to a black tie gala, not usually what we do on NYE lol but I'm sure it will be a blast. I have NO IDEA what to wear though.

~KS said...

Ooooh... that second one screams your name!!
I always say I'm gonna dress up for New Year's, but I always end up in my jammies, and asleep by 10:30. I gotta work on that ;)
My outfit this year will be a hot mess, but I'll be in the north woods so all is good!

Jen said...

I really like the first one -- Oscar is always a star in my book.

But it's PJs for me on NYE... and Chinese and movies with good friends. :)

Collins said...

oh, that first one would look beautiful on you!

bananas. said...

don't worry...dave and i have zero plans too. but whatever we do i'm dressing up! fo sho!!!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Those are gorgeous! Ithink i'm wearing a black sequin skirt, but that's all i know of yet.

ari said...

amazing! love the black sheerness!