Tuesday, November 2, 2010

alittle retail therapy never hurt.

Thanks so much for all your kind comments, texts, emails, and messages. All were recieved loud and clear and helped us get through a stressful day. Good news is yesterday was a good day and we're hoping each day gets a little better.
To help pass the time I've been doing a little online shopping... but the kind where you put things in your shopping cart but never check out. You've done that right? Somehow fulfills the shopping itch without hurting your wallet.
If I were to press 'purchase'... here are my favorites....

{who couldn't use a little extra luck in their lives?}

{love her bangs, lips and scarf}

{rustic and unique}

{love this top. i've finally embraced leggings and this tunic would be perfect}
{loving this bag! too bad it doesn't ship until 12/7}


Marian said...

I love that first necklace as well....everybody could use some luck on their side

stylebyrachael said...

I love that second necklace, saw it was purchased yesterday, hope that was you! It's an amazing piece.

bananas. said...

i like both necklaces and that top. i say purchase. go on...do it ;)

glad things are looking up for you. i know you have a ton of support but if you need more, just let me know!

Kerr said...

hoping you and your family have more good days

~KS said...

That wishbone necklace is fabulous... kinda love the rustic antlers too.

And I have two pais of leggings... but nothing to wear on top with them. I want to embrace them- really! Just struggling a bit.


I have so done that before! Way too often. I did it yesterday, in fact! And I just love that wishbone necklace. It would have been in my cart pronto but it would most likely never have been mine :)

Kinsey Michaels said...

that fossil top and wishbone necklace are my favorites!
hope things are going well Morgan!

Shibby said...

Love the top and the necklaces :)

I have done that so many times it's such a good way to scratch that itch =)