Monday, October 18, 2010

planes, trains, and automobiles volume IV

Apologies in advance if your tired of my vacation but I have one more post for you! Cinque Terre was the place I was most excited to visit and it did not disappoint. It's unlike anywhere else I've ever been and is truly one of the most beautiful (if not the MOST beautiful) place I've been. These pictures don't do it justice but they'll have to do.
{We stayed in Vernazza, an amazing village-like city with no cars, one main street, and right on the water}

{Fishing seemed to be the main source of income, outside of tourism of course!}

{The view from our room - pretty good right?!}

{Beautiful Vernazza!}

{We hiked between Vernazza & of the best things I've ever done!}

{Getting close to Monterossa!}

{Taking a breather about an hour in....}

{I've never seen water more beautiful... you could see all the way to the bottom!}

{Young Italian love... they start them early apparently!}

{Our last night in Cinque Terre... enjoying the sunset with wine. What could be better?}

I haven't stopped looking at these pictures since we got back on Tuesday. I keep wanting to relive this trip over and over in my mind. It couldn't have been more perfect. I'm so happy with the three areas of Italy we explored and had the perfect travel partner in Guy. I can't wait for our next adventure!

Hope you all have a great start to your week!


bananas. said...

i so love EVERYTHING about that italian town. it looks like a movie!! and i only say this b/c sadly thats all i know when it comes to europe. i really need to plan a trip stat.

oh and young italian cute!!!

Meghan said...

Cinque Terre has been on the top of my must visit list for quite awhile. We may be going to Europe next summer and I will not come home before going there first! Looks amazing!!

mrs.mfc said...

We stayed in Vernazza too!!! I want to go back there SO bad!!! That water really is the most beautiful!! I think everyone needs to see Cinque Terre at least once :)

Katy Mary said...

So gorgeous! You had a wonderful vacation, I am totally jealous. That picture of the two kids is so adorable!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...


Lisa said...

Love it! I did the SAME thing when I came back from Cinque Terre... I kept looking at the pictures over and over, in fact Jarod & I have a photo we took of our town (Riomaggiore) on his fridge STILL! Glad you enjoyed!! :)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

those two kids are ADORABLE! And I LOVE all of the colors!! SO BEAUTIFUL!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh this place is absolutely stunning! Can't wait till I can see this place in its full glory!!

Wearing It On My Sleeves

~KS said...

I love the picture of the boats....
And funny story about young Italian love (and that pic is simply too cute). My cousin Matteo came back with my other Italian cousins for a family wedding years ago. He was only 4. He was in love with our cousin Alexa, who was 6. In a cute way of course. At the wedding, he was sitting in front of me and Alexa was next to him. He looked at his dad, and then yawned really big, stretching his arms out and then around Alexa shoulders. He then looked around very proud of himself with a huge grin on his face. It was so adorable!!