Thursday, October 14, 2010

planes, trains, and automobiles - volume II

Next up on our Italian tour.... Tuscany! On our second day in Italy, Guy and I took the Castello de Verrazzano wine tour based on the recommendation of our good friends Maggie and John. 
We. Loved. It. It was the perfect way to spend our second day in Italy. We got to spend the day in a beautiful vineyard and winery.... dining on a 5 course lunch paired with their wine. Does life get any better? (the correct answer is no!)
{The gorgeous Verrazzano grapes... it took all of my willpower not to pluck a cluster!}
{We wandered around the vineyard before the official tour.}

{It was a perfect fall day in Tuscany....}

{The gorgeous winery!}
{The grounds}

{The grapes drying in cellar}

{The view from the top of the winery!}

{Our 5 course lunch with fellow winery visitors}

{If you find this Chianti.... GET IT! So delicious!}

{Enjoying my last glass before we had to return to Florence}

Le sigh.... such an amazing day. Guy and I talked about it the entire trip. We felt so blessed to have experienced that day.
The bus stops in Florence next!


bananas. said...

oh yea! this is my kind of place. wine, wine, and MORE WINE!!!

you took some great shots! and i'm loving the bigger pics.

Maggie said...

AMAZING!!!! I want to go back!!! Looks like it was packed! I guess the harvest is a busy time for them. John and I were there with 5 other peops that day but that was it. So glad you enjoyed it!!!

~KS said...

I soooo would've plucked a grape!! Proud of you for resisting!
And your outift?!?! You look like you walked off the pages of a fashion mag. Loves!!

Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

I smiled through this whole post...that entire place and experience sounds like it was to DIE for! Italy is totally #1 on my vacation list! Gorgeous!

Katy Mary said...

This is my kind of day trip!! I love wine. Great photos!!

olivia rae said...

I'm having serious travel envy. This looks beautiful!

Holly said...

those grapes look so ITALIAN!

and to answer your question about wedding colors. there is only one choice for an accent color to yellow and gray and that is AQUA! stunning.

La Tache said...

oh wow! i am living vicariously through you!!!

Collins said...

gorgeous pics morgan! i think i might have plucked those grapes-you have some willpower!

stylebyrachael said...

This does sound like the perfect day! Absolutely perfect!