Tuesday, October 19, 2010

new uses for an old thing!

Last week my mom told me about this email forward she got that gave 24 new uses for a coffee filter. Sounds dull city but I promise there were some good (and affordable!) ideas in the bunch.
Here are just a few from the list:

1. Use them to absorb the grease after frying food. (much more affordable than paper towels!)

2. Use a coffee filter to cover food while microwaving.

3. Use them to clean windows, TV's, glasses, etc. (my mom and I tested... totally works and doesn't leave the lint a paper towel leaves)

4. Line your plant pots with a filter to keep the soil from leaking out the drainage holes as you water them.

5. Use a coffee filter to apply shoe polish.

6. Use them to safely store your Christmas ornaments.

Pretty ingenious! Do you have any new uses for old things?? Share!


stylebyrachael said...

Hmmm very interesting. I did hear of one of them before, but there are some great ones that I will have to try out!

Erica @ Decorica said...

My favorite is the Christmas ornaments tip - cute ideas.

Katy Mary said...

very cool, I love being innovative with everyday items!

~KS said...

LOVE the idea of using them to put over food while microwaving...
My grandma always used to use lemons (or limes) that hadn't gotten used in time to clean her disposal. Even if they aren't good enough to eat anymore, cut them up, toss them down the drain and turn on the disposal. Awesome citrus smell throughout the kitchen!

bananas. said...

this would be way awesome...if i had coffee filters.

but i don't :(

next time i see one though i'll make sure to put it to good use :)

drollgirl said...

bah! pretty brilliant! it almost makes me wish that i drank coffee!!!! har

i love using cloth diapers for a variety of things. don't freak! mostly for cleaning! they are so soft and excellent for dusting. another good thing is to wrap one around a mop head before cleaning hard wood floors. no streaks! no weird marks. all smooth and pretty!

Meghan said...

What great ideas!

I used a used dryer sheet to clean my bathroom, instead of a rag or sponge. It works amazing and getting the grime off!