Monday, October 25, 2010

morgan's monday love list.

But if it must be Monday.... then let's start it out with some things that are making me happy.

The new Kings of Leon CD. Definitely lives up to expectations. IMO, these men can do no wrong.

These precious cloud pillows.
 Found via.
The print on this pillow, named graphite marakesh lacefield.
I will be incorporating this into my life... someplace, somehow.

This book, which I've almost finished, but am so sad because it means the series is complete.
What's making you happy this Monday??


bananas. said...

those cloud pillows are too fricken cute!!! want. them. in. my. life. now.

ah hornet's nest...great book. savor each page, each word, each letter...that's what i did. love that series.

"happy" monday morgan!

~KS said...

The prospect of a nap... I know. It's only 9 and I already want a nap. Wow.
And the Packers win last night. Still happy about that!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

love those pillows!