Saturday, October 30, 2010

if I could make Halloween my own....

Happy Hollow's Eve!
Guy and I are spending the weekend at the hospital tending to a very loved but ill family member so we aren't going to be doing anything fun for Halloween unfortunately. And if I'm being honest, I'm okay with that. Halloween isn't my favorite holiday. I know... I know... most of you love this holiday but we don't. We're more Thanksgiving/Christmas sorts of folk.
I got to thinking how I could make Halloween more me. Here's what I came up with.

1. Every house would be required to have a black cat. That likes to snuggle.

2. Instead of handing out candy, houses would hand out cupcakes...

3. ...or cheese.

4. Women wouldn't immediately go for the tasteless, degrading outfits.

Come on ladies... get creative without losing all your clothes.

Here's to wishing you a fabulous Halloween! Can't wait to see all of your updates on Monday!
pictures via google images

Thursday, October 28, 2010

hey you! i'm talking to you!

An open letter to all shoe designer and/or manufacturers:

Hi, my name is Morgan. I'm a bride-to-be. I just chose my wedding colors and I'm real excited. All I think about is yellow and gray. I immediately went online to start e-filing some shoe options so I could go back to them from time to time and make a decision closer to the wedding. The only restrictions I have are a) I really want yellow shoes (fun right?!) and b) not a huge heel. (I'm 5'11 after all....)
You can accomodate right?
You suck. All of you.

Let's start with you Zappos.
You have 6 options. SIX. What the eff is that? And when these are your options...
Ugly #1

Ugly #2

Hellishly Ugly #3

Boring #4 want to bang your head on the table (which I may or may not have done).

Oh, and you Piperlime?
NO YELLOW SHOES???? Not one.

You're dead to me.

Ya'll better get your shit together. ASAP. This could get ugly.

Your Worst Nightmare

I'm in a much happier place on my guest
post on Jenni's blog - check me out here!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sometimes silence speaks the loudest.

Sending love, thoughts, prayers, and peace to the entire Bailey & Brown families.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

wedding colors!

After an agonizing few months of going over every. single. color combination....Guy and I decided what our wedding colors are going to be!
{drumroll amongst yourselves.......}
Yellow and Gray!!

Yellow and Gray is actually the first color combination I considered and kept coming back to it. Once Guy  agreed that he liked it - I knew I had to go with it. Now I'm searching each and every yellow and gray wedding for inspriation. Here are some of my favorites (all found via google images)....

{love the idea of gray suits for the men....}

{love the simplicity of the boutonnieres}

{even though we're not getting married in a church... I couldn't stop looking at the church in this collage}

{so pretty!}

{I will be wearing yellow shoes}

{love everything about it!}

Things are slowly but surely coming together.... now I can start planning and buying the fun, personal touches that make a wedding.
I would love any and all ideas you have!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

morgan's monday love list.

But if it must be Monday.... then let's start it out with some things that are making me happy.

The new Kings of Leon CD. Definitely lives up to expectations. IMO, these men can do no wrong.

These precious cloud pillows.
 Found via.
The print on this pillow, named graphite marakesh lacefield.
I will be incorporating this into my life... someplace, somehow.

This book, which I've almost finished, but am so sad because it means the series is complete.
What's making you happy this Monday??

Friday, October 22, 2010


I've been in Washington DC working a conference the past three days so this poster sums up my attitude for tonight. I have a lot I need to accomplish this weekend since I've been out of town but I plan to walk in the door, take a bath, put my pajamas on, and go to bed.
I think it's the best plan ever.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

states of dress

I stumbled across artist Robin Barcus Slonina's work and was intrigued at her newest installation project 'states of dress.' I love the creativity and using our nation as her inspiration!
While she has completed only 6 states, I already see the vision and think this will be an exciting collection when complete!
Take a peek at the work done thus far....

{New York}

{Casino chips! Could you tell?}

{made from 28 dresses thrifted in Illinois...}

So what do you think? Pretty clever right?
I wonder what she'll pull out for my home state of Wisconsin and my current home of South Carolina?


pumpkin vase.

I'm totally making a pumpkin vase for this holiday season. Perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

{this would be beautiful at a fall wedding!}

{love the flower choice in this one.. perfectly simple. I'm going to try to emulate!}

{love the different colors and sizes}

{I'm not big on Halloween decorations but I could totally get on board with this}

{a lovely fall arrangement!}

Have you done this before? Do you like the idea?


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

new uses for an old thing!

Last week my mom told me about this email forward she got that gave 24 new uses for a coffee filter. Sounds dull city but I promise there were some good (and affordable!) ideas in the bunch.
Here are just a few from the list:

1. Use them to absorb the grease after frying food. (much more affordable than paper towels!)

2. Use a coffee filter to cover food while microwaving.

3. Use them to clean windows, TV's, glasses, etc. (my mom and I tested... totally works and doesn't leave the lint a paper towel leaves)

4. Line your plant pots with a filter to keep the soil from leaking out the drainage holes as you water them.

5. Use a coffee filter to apply shoe polish.

6. Use them to safely store your Christmas ornaments.

Pretty ingenious! Do you have any new uses for old things?? Share!

Monday, October 18, 2010

planes, trains, and automobiles volume IV

Apologies in advance if your tired of my vacation but I have one more post for you! Cinque Terre was the place I was most excited to visit and it did not disappoint. It's unlike anywhere else I've ever been and is truly one of the most beautiful (if not the MOST beautiful) place I've been. These pictures don't do it justice but they'll have to do.
{We stayed in Vernazza, an amazing village-like city with no cars, one main street, and right on the water}

{Fishing seemed to be the main source of income, outside of tourism of course!}

{The view from our room - pretty good right?!}

{Beautiful Vernazza!}

{We hiked between Vernazza & of the best things I've ever done!}

{Getting close to Monterossa!}

{Taking a breather about an hour in....}

{I've never seen water more beautiful... you could see all the way to the bottom!}

{Young Italian love... they start them early apparently!}

{Our last night in Cinque Terre... enjoying the sunset with wine. What could be better?}

I haven't stopped looking at these pictures since we got back on Tuesday. I keep wanting to relive this trip over and over in my mind. It couldn't have been more perfect. I'm so happy with the three areas of Italy we explored and had the perfect travel partner in Guy. I can't wait for our next adventure!

Hope you all have a great start to your week!

Friday, October 15, 2010

planes, trains, and automobiles volume III

Next we board an hour long bus from Florence and head to Siena! We spent a day and half here and loved every moment. Siena is as historic as Florence but much less touristy and really makes you feel like you're a foreigner in a foreign land (in a good way!) We were happy we took two days of our trip to visit this beautiful city.
{Siena, a walled city.... here is the entrance}

{the view from our hotel... we had our own balcony!}

{Il Campo! One of the highlights of our trip.... no words can describe this place}

{All the streets were like this... hilly & picturesque}

{We finally heard American voices and asked the lady to take our picture!}


{Does any view get better? We sat and stared at this for an hour at least!}

 {Lounging in Il Campo... on a crisp fall afternoon....}

{Taking it all in!}

We were sad to leave Siena but so excited to take the three and a half hour train ride to Cinque Terre. Stay tuned!!