Friday, September 17, 2010

tgi friday!

hWhoa! What a busy week. Between travel, trainings, bootcamp and other work obligations - I haven't had time to do anything! Thankfully I have a food filled, relaxing weekend ahead.
First up, The Ocean Room at Kiawah Island.
This is an amazing four star restaurant that would normally be out of my & G's price range but it's Restaurant Week in Charleston so we're taking full advantage! I can't wait to eat and drink my little heart out.
Next on our agenda is a Saturday morning bike ride on Seabrook Island and an afternoon Badger game at Red's Ice House.
{Sign me up for some brews, nachos, and lots of football!}
Our weekend wraps up with a baptism for our good family friends Seth, Whitney, and sweet Brady followed by brunch at High Cotton.
{Bloody's with okra and biscuits & gravy here I come!}

In other news.... Guy and I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night.
Um, how did I miss this previously?
So funny!
Wishing you all an amazing weekend! Can't wait to hear what you do.


Kerr said...

I wanted to go to the ocean room for RW but we weren't able to work it out. enjoy your weekend!

bananas. said...

have fun at restaurant week! btw i can't believe you are just now seeing forgetting sarah marshall. i've talked about it for the past 2 yrs! its one of my all time favorites.

~KS said...

You JUST saw Sarah Marshall!?!? OMG... so funny.

Those restaurants don't even look real- they're so nice I feel like should be a movie set or something. Restaurant week sounds like an awesome idea... wish they did that around here!!

Cheer hard for Bucky... and watch for me if they have crowd shots! I will be there dressed in red and white head to toe!! I'm heading down with friends, but Thos and Nance are going too so we're meeting them for a brew before the game! This is Thos' favorite time of year- he'll crank up the Badger band CD at about 6am tomorrow!!

stylebyrachael said...

Happy Weekend!

drollgirl said...

4 star restaurant! yum! i bet it will be fantastic!

and i love that movie. i think i need to see it again!!!!!!

have a fab weekend!!!

Collins said...

sounds like a perfect weekend...enjoy!
and no biggie on the other night. really. i know it was totally last minute. we will catch up soon!