Wednesday, September 22, 2010

recipe: crispy fish tacos

Sunday night Guy knew exactly what he wanted to make:
Tyler Florence's Crispy Fish Tacos
Thank goodness for my Guy... always keeping me happy & full.
He said they were super easy to make. I wouldn't know because I was busy catching up on my People magazines.
Anyways... back to the recipe.
{Guy kept it simple and delicious with cabbage and tomatos}
{the key to frying? Panko breadcrumbs}
{Make sure to use a meaty fish. We used Halibut}
The end product; so delicious. The secret is in the pink chili mayo sauce. (also in the recipe linked above}

WARNING: your house will smell like fried fish for at least two days. Fry with caution.

Hope you try and enjoy! This will be one of our new standby's. Next time, of course, will fry with all the windows open!


Accidental Syrup said...


bananas. said...

mmm i love panko fried fish. yummini yum!!!

~KS said...

I have never had fish tacos... they look awesome but for some reason, I am weired out and scared to try them. I should probably get over that and just make some ;)

stylebyrachael said...

Love fish tacos. So light and satisfying.

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I don't like fish but it actually looks yummy.

KatiePerk said...

These look delicious. I just recently posted about stinky fish frying! I just got rid of that smell with the help of a lot of candles! I am your newest follower!

drollgirl said...

bah! i was busy catching up on people magazines!!!!! love that!

and i could eat an astonishing amount of these tacos, i just know it!

i have been grilling a fair amount of salmon lately (george foreman grill -- inside), and P.U. my place will stink for at least a day or two. but it stinks even longer if i fry it up in a pan!

Blicious said...

yum yum yum!!!
just came across your blog and love it!


Sophie said...

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum yum!!!!
these look so good, ill defs have to try soon!!

this free bird said...

Oh my these look so delicious!! I have got to get on this - or get my bf who's a chef to make them...rough life over here too, hehe

The breading looks perfect!!