Friday, September 10, 2010

pop a top on it.

This might be the best find ever.
A Wendy's training video from the 90's.
This is legit.
Watch and enjoy!

drollgirl - this is for you!
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I'm heading to a rehearsal dinner tonight, wedding tomorrow night, and dinner Sunday night. I'm going to need another weekend after this weekend!


~KS said...

Heee heee... oh the 90s. Kinda an awesome decade if you ask me- stuff like this exists because of it!!

Happy weekend... enjoy the wedding :)

drollgirl said...

niiiiiiiiiiiiice find. holy fucking shit. i can't even imagine who greenlighted this thing. and i am shocked that we haven't seen more of this actor/singer since then. d'oh!!!!

happy weekend to you, and thank you for linking to me!

Collins said...

that is the silliest thing i have ever seen! hope you are having a great weekend.