Tuesday, September 21, 2010

no one should be THIS excited for TV.

But I am. REALLY excited.
I'm excited enough where I was close to doing a countdown to my favorite shows....but didn't.
While I'm excited for many, there are four that consistently creep into my head and mess with my work productivity. 
1. Dexter
Best. Show. On. Television
Guy and I just added Showtime for $11/month solely for the purpose of this season of Dexter.
You could call it an obsession.
2. Modern Family
My other favorite television show.
You'll find me quoting lines from the show until the next episode airs.
Love it.
3. Boardwalk Empire
New show on HBO. Started Sunday night.
I'm intrigued....
I needed something to replace True Blood on Sunday night
4. Glee
GLEE! If you're not watching, you should. It's one of the smartest scripts on television.
You should watch for Sue Sylvester's one liners alone.

Okay friends.... are you anything like me? Any shows you're looking forward too?
Happy Tuesday!


Marian said...

Gosh, I love all those shoes!! I'm also a fan of CSI and Fringe and SVU. Fall tv...the best around!!

Lindsay said...

My boyfriend and I were just talking about Dexter coming back and how the anxiety during the show will slowly creep back into our life. Can't wait!

Glee tonight!!!

bananas. said...

i'm most looking forward to glee...yee! can't wait!!! i've been listening to old glee songs and hyping myself up.

i hear they're singing jay-z songs? be still my heart!!!

stylebyrachael said...

I try not to get too involved in new aired shows, because my schedule changes so much I never get to watch the show, and then if I record it I end up forgetting about it.

Sheesh. But I have caught Glee a couple times and it IS good.

MELlow~Dramatic said...

Glee is the best show that's hit tv in years! And I love Modern Family! Thank God we get both of these shows down here in Nicaragua!

Miss Wendy said...

I am sad to say that I haven't seen a single episode of any of these shows. It looks ike I'll need to get the dvds and catch up!

AbbieBabble said...

I agree with you on both counts- no one should be excited for TV, but I cannot WAIT for some of my favorites to start. I'm excited about Boardwalk Empire- it looks so good!

FourJedis said...

I am thrilled The Biggest Loser is starting tonight. It's the only show I actually watch on the night it airs. The other shows I watch are ones my husband watches too, so we queue them up on our dvr and knock them out when a. he's in town, and b. the kids are asleep... We watch Modern Family, CSI, and recorded Boardwalk Empire.

Kate said...

we have the same tv favorites! i just stumbled upon your sweet little blog and couldn't help but hit the follow button! i look forward to following your adventures in the months to come! xoxo

Lori said...

Ok, I have to start watching Dexter and Modern Family. I hear so much about them!

Collins said...

Totally okay for you to be as excited as you are. And I think I have found a way for you to help cut the cost of Dexter....invite me over and I will bring dinner! Guy would have to cook of course, if you wanted it to really be edible. :)

Jen said...

OMG! I loved the performances on Glee tonight! Amazing. I have to admit though... I'm getting a little tired of the "after-school special outsider" theme.

Still watching and loving though!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I just did this yesterday and SO excited for Dexter!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

I watched Boardwalk Empire and thought it was pretty good! I don't watch Dexter, but am thinking about netflixing the first season so I can see what the hype is all about! And I'm really excited to go home and watch my recorded Glee...didn't get to last night because I was watching NCIS and NCIS:LA. I love fall television!

Poppy said...

DEXTER is my favorite all time show, then Gossip Girl (for fall shows), I love Modern Family & Glee. I love The Middle which I dont think gets enough credit.