Friday, September 3, 2010

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

Nope, not Christmas!
{I had to post this picture... it made me laugh out loud}

My favorite time is COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON! I've been waiting impatiently patiently all summer for my Badgers to be back and tomorrow is the day!

I can't wait to wake up, put on my Badger gear, and wear it proud and out loud tomorrow! Unfortunately my game isn't until 11p but I'd watch even if it was at 4a. I have waited all year right?!
To tide me over this evening I'm watching my favorite tennis player.
Guy and I made a pact that we ARE going to the US Open next year.
No matter what.
No excuses.

Hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend! Mine will be filled with sports (obviously), pool, beach, and hopefully a bike ride!


Marian said...

I love Nadal!! Not so much a fan of the capris he wears, but def a fan of his talent!! Have a lovely weekend (though aren't the all when they include an extra day:)

~KS said...

Go BUCKY!!!! Awesome win!!!

Let me know if you need any new gear. There is some cool stuff out this season!! I will be attending 2 *maybe 3* games AT Camp Randall this year and I am beyond stoked!!!

Collins said...

i mean i didn't even watch the clemson game yesterday! looking forward to the next game. :)