Monday, August 30, 2010

the day has come.

Today I go wedding dress shopping! It's a little surreal actually... I mean you wait years (29 in my case) to do this and then the day comes and it feels exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.
I'm not one of those girls that has pictures cut out of her dream dress nor do I have any clue what kind of dress I want. I guess that's a good thing? It means I will try anything and everything on.
Hm. This could be a long night.
There better be champagne.
In honor of dress shopping....  I decided to take a peek at JCrew's wedding shop. There are some beauties in there! I wish I could go to their new Madison Avenue wedding shop... that would be amazing.
{teeny tiny polka dots make me happy}
{love this detail.... so feminine}
{i'm on board with the asymetrical trend but it's probably too on trend to incorporate into my wedding day}
{is that a pocket?? Oh please let my wedding dress have pockets!}
{simple is more no?}
{love the dress. hate the way the model is posing.}

Wish me luck!


jayme said...

i looove the jcrew wedding collection! it's beautiful! but sheesh, that models pose in the last dress is dreadful! apparently she's not into her groom. :) xo and have an awesome day!

Jordan Streetman (Southern Hospitality) said...

I love the JCrew wedding dresses! Good luck dear!

stylebyrachael said...

So fun! Good luck!

Meghan said...

Good luck!! You will have a blast! I didn't think I would have nearly as much fun as I did trying on all the dresses, but it was a great experience :)

olivia rae said...

omg so excited for you! the second one is gorgeous, I want it!! xoxo

DrayaAnn said...

ooh good luck have fun, and know will get HOT! All those dresses do something to a girl! It's so worth it!

bananas. said...

i love j. crew's line of dresses. the asymmetrical one is my favorite. don't kock it til you try it ;)

good luck! hope you find the one.

~KS said...

I was at a wedding this weekend and the Bride wore JCrew!!

And the asymmetrical dresses have surprisingly been around for some time. I used to sell them at the Bridal Shoppe.

You will look beautiful... no matter what you chose! Can't wait to hear what you find!!!

Holly said...

oh how exciting!! good thing you have an open mind and will try on lots of styles!

Dee Stephens said...

I had certain things I knew I didn't want. No ball gowns and no strapless. My ta-tas are too big for that.
I thought.. Jackie O or Hepburn. Found it but it wasn't easy.
Good luck!

L A C E Y said...

ahhh, so pretty! you're going to be a stunning bride! enjoy your shopping day!!

Jen said...

Oh good luck, Morgan! So exciting! I can't wait to hear about your day and what you found.

FourJedis said...

So exciting! I hope it was a blast for you and you became more in tune to what really strikes your fancy. My girlfriends and I have this dream idea of having a wedding day party down the road, where we all try and squeeze back into our gowns and get our guys dolled up and have somewhat a prom, if you will. Such fun. Anyways, it's fun to go wedding dress shopping. I thought I wanted big and poofy, and yet ended up with as simple as possible. I'm sure you'll keep an open mind.

BakerGirl said...

I loved my JCrew dress! If you don't find anything I highly recommend them!