Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mid week recommendations.

I've come across some great products recently and thought I would share. I hope you'll do the same!
Fire Road Sauvignon Blanc
Delicious! I was introduced to this during my Memphis girl's weekend and have been thinking about it ever since. Guy and I haven't found it in Charleston yet but we're heading to our wine mecca this weekend to continue the search!

Bella by Illume Candles for Target
These are my new favorite candles. There are five scents and all are yummy! They're a bit pricy for Target ($8-$10 per candle) but they look great, last long, and most importantly smell amazing!

Weeds Season 5
Guy and I don't have Showtime so we're a season behind on Weeds. Man oh man was season five good! You need to rent Weeds if you're looking for a good show to watch - so funny & smart!

Have ya'll discovered anything great lately? Do share!


bananas. said...

anything great lately? hmmm...let me think about that. i'm loving all natural fruit snacks...sour power belts...$2.00 freddos on fridays @ peet's...plant cafe organic in SF...and movies on demand :)

i need to check out those target candles. they sound devine!

~KS said...

I have heard awesome things about Weeds... must try to watch that this fall.

What an awesome idea for a post... perhaps I will do one soon!

Kinsey Michaels said...

Those candles are so cute. Lately I am loving Dove body spray in Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena. Its super cheap and can be bought at any grocery store, but has such a pretty scent!

stylebyrachael said...

I always love finding new wines! I love wine parties where everyone brings a bottle around a certain price point. SO fun!

Ebony said...

I've rediscovered and adore Cinnamon toast crunch, discovered an all mango box of Luigi's Ice, which I'd never seen before, and Welches grape juice flavored fruit snacks. Finally, I've very recently discovered Hulu and I adore it already. That may be the equivalent of saying that I've discovered this new connection device that lets me talk to people all over the world called the Internet, but I've always had a pretty good cable package until now so no reason to check it out. Who doesn't love Charles in Charge reruns?

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Jenni said...

ohhhh need to try out that wine!!! hmmm we are watching Nip/Tuck right now and its fabulous! If you havent seen it I highly recommend!

FourJedis said...

Yum - Total Wine? I just went there on Friday. Will have to keep my eye out for that one.

Latest discoveries:
Alagash (sp?) White beer... YUM
Kitchen Table Cuisine - it's a local farm who does a CSA does a monthly delivery of grass fed beef and free range chicken. They have a bunch of organics, cage free eggs, yummy trail mix and all kinds of great stuff. it's at They deliver to multiple places around town.

Jen said...

Weeds + Wine = A fricken good time!! I so can't wait!

Maggie said...

My fave finds of the week are Panera drive thrua short 3 miles from my house and Tootsie Pop Drops!!! They are little bite size nuggets of fruity crunchy outside and chewy tootsie roll middle... you don't have to chew around the stick!


i don't have that channel either... ;/