Wednesday, July 14, 2010

love affair with maps

I've always loved maps.
One of my favorite things to do on Etsy is search all the fun things people make with and of maps.
Here are my favorites from tonight:




I love them all. I've incorporated maps into an aspect of my wedding but I can't reveal how yet. In due time dear readers. : )
Hope you're having a great Wednesday!


L A C E Y said...

oohhhhhhhh..... the suspense!!! :) can't wait to hear more about your wedding planning.

KLaw said...

SOOO cute! Do you have some wedding planning in the works? Details!

stylebyrachael said...

Very intriguing! I can't wait to hear what you have planned!

Katy Mary said...

These are all so cool! I've seen the Brooklyn one before, they also have a Boston :)

Kelly said...

Hahahaha, believe it or not, but I TOO looove maps! I could spend hours looking at them! Love the Brooklyn mash up and of course the Wisconsin butterfly is pretty cute too! Very neat!!

Rasha said...

love these, they're awesome.

bananas. said...

ooh perrrrdy!

i never was a map person until now. now i love them! there are so many creative ways to portray them. i think i'm gonna stalk etsy now.

ps. thanks for your comment. it's been a rough day. i'm a strong girl but when it comes to family and people i truly care about, i am much more of a softly. it just hurts when they purposely say things to bring you down. anyone else would get a big F U in the face. but in this case, it doesn't work that way...

drollgirl said...

GAH!!! i love them! i think i have to get the coasters. i think i have to!!!