Thursday, July 15, 2010

are you getting in your own way?

I heard someone ask a friend of hers if she was getting in her own way. I heard it in passing, didn't think much of it, and continued on. But for some reason, it's stuck with me.
Are you getting in your own way?
Those are some powerful words. And they got me thinking.... am I?
For me, it's specifically around exercise.
Sister needs to exercise but for the life of me I can't motivate myself.
I'm getting in my own way.
I make excuses, over plan myself, don't get up early, etc etc. I used to go to bootcamp but got bored of it and promised myself I'd give myself a month off and start again.
That was two months ago.
So I'm pledging to NOT get in my own way anymore. No more excuses.
I'm going to try different things.
Hip Hop class (you've seen my moves... this might be my calling)
Pilates mat class
Yoga class

I'm going to be accountable to myself. I need to get moving. No more excuses.
So what about you?
Are you getting in your own way??


Katy Mary said...

I'm definitely getting in my own way. I am always my own worst enemy and while I was working out and doing so well for so long I completely fell off the wagon and made myself feel bad about it so I haven't gone back. I need to go back!

Sarah Ann said...

Ahh. I always seem to get in my own way! I get so overwhelmed and busy... but I need to stop!

bananas. said...

I am constantly getting in my own way...with going back to school or yoga or even grocery shopping, which i friggen hate. Running is about the only thing i just do without allowing excuses to stop me. I think i need to somehow transfer that motivation over to other parts of my life.

Kelly said...

That is a fantastic question. I like the phrasing of it too-- most of the time you just get negatively down on yourself, you're not good enough, you're not trying enough, etc... It's a great way to support yourself at the same time become accountable. I like it! Best of luck with becomming more motivated, Morgan!

Tamara Nicole said...

Yes, yes ans yes! I'm soo bad, keep wanting to work out int he morning and wake up early, but stay up too late, etc so I don't get up. It's my fault and I need to change it, thanks hun!!!

stylebyrachael said...

Very powerful words. I think about that a little too often I think. So now we are waking up and just do, do, do.

Mrs. Potts said...

What a great question this is. My best girlfriend is going through some tough times right now & I think this question may help her focus on what she needs to do.

Rasha said...

do you write this post for me? Cause I think it speaks volumes of what i need to say.

Kinsey Michaels said...

This post is amazing, and what powerful words. Impossible truly is possible! I read a quote similar to the message you're telling, it said something like, we make time for what we want to do. And it's so true. If we really want to go out with our friends, we'll make time. For so long I complained about not having time to look for a new job. But things got desperate and somehow I was able to apply for 21 jobs in 2 weeks! It's all about motivation.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Oh sigh......yes, yes indeed I am getting in my way in a lot of ways....right now anyway...

libys11 said...

ah.. sometimes i do.. especially when i procrastinate on some things.. tsk tsk..

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Kristen said...

oh my gosh - i love this. sometimes i realize i am completely my own worst enemy. like right now...i should definetly get out of bed :)

thanks for the inspiration!