Wednesday, April 21, 2010

can we just skip today?

{my gussie hiding from the paps}

I feel like shizz today. No blogger mojo here. I'm tired, cranky, and have too much to do.
I just want to cover my face, put my head on my desk, and sleep. Is that too much to ask?!
Will be back tomorrow... hopefully a more rested, shiny happy version of myself.
Hope you're all having a better day than me!


bananas. said...

get your blog rest lady. i so have been there before.

lots of love. xoxo.

carrie1 said...

I hear you girl!

I walked into work today, with two co-workers yelling at each other!

~KS said...

Cute picture of Mr. Gus!

Sorry you're having a crapptastic day :(
Feel better soon...

Lexa said...

Get your rest today. It's kind of a 'blah' day in general anyways.

I'maNolaGirl said...

Hoping you enjoy a nice mini-break and are feeling better soon!

Mommy Lisa said...

Not really. I feel the same. :( Boo.

Hope we are all better tomorrow.

brooke said...

can i join??? why is this wednesday feeling way too much like the wretched monday???

drollgirl said...

aw shucks. i hope you feel better soon. hang in there!!!!

S and O said...

cute picture :)