Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the results are IN!

Ladies... I came a'calling and you certainly answered! I thought since I got such an amazing response I would post what you all sent me so others could benefit as well!
And so I bring you...
The Blogger 2010 Reasonable Wine List!!!

Blue Nun

Castello del Poggio

Chateau Ste Michelle

Columbia Crest Two Vines Cab

Coppola Director's Cut

La Crema

Las Rocas Granacha

Liberty School Cab

Mark West Pinot

I've only had two or three of these so I'm very excited to try them all! And I don't think I got all of your recommendations here but I did my best. Thanks again so much - I'll let ya'll know what I think. :)


Meghan said...

Thanks for posting the list for all of us!!! Great suggestions!

Anna said...

ooo thanks for sharing ;)

bananas. said...

Thats an excellent list. We did good!

carrie1 said...

We are going to need an update on each one as your taste test.... please and thank you! =)

~KS said...

That Chateau St. Michele is super yummy too.... oh how I love wine!!

Risley said...

great list! Chat st Mich, La crema and Columbia crest! are all great! I have tried them all!
I must try a few others!!

Katy Mary said...

LOVE that Chateau St. Michele

nifermusings said...

AWESOME POST Morgan!!! I love me some Chateau Ste. Michelle... especially the Chenin Blanc. Yum! Can't wait to hunt out some of these other ones.

drollgirl said...

i just wrote all of these down! i love wine recommendations, as i just go by label look and that doesn't always work. thank you!!!