Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a note of thanks to MTV and Jersey Shore

Oh Jersey Shore... you've taught me so much. I thought I'd compile a list so I never forget the pearls of wisdom you bestowed on me.

1. A nickname is a 'must' on the Jersey Shore. I'm considering the following nicknames: 'The Legend',
'Sweet Cheeks', or 'The Motivator.'

2. Nobody on the Jersey Shore is from the Jersey Shore.

3. Verb: to creep. Meaning: to hit on and/or invite back to the house

4. On the Jersey Shore, the hot tub equals a dinner date in the real world.

5. Fist pumping is the new running man.

6. A night out is not complete without a girl fight that includes a) hair pulling b) tshirt stretching and c) weight commentary.

7. A trip to the tanning bed can cure all evils.

Kudos MTV. Keepin' it classy for all of cable television.


drollgirl said...

love that trainwreck tramp show! a bunch of tan folks with heads full of sand! fan-farking-tastic!

p.s. the situation's face is FUGLY -- no getting around it. and the hair on the dudes?!? i give it an f!

bananas. said...

AHHHHH HA!!! i flippin love this show. the people of jersey shore have become a part of my life. they're like family now...really effed up family but i still love them.

Katy Mary said...

I've never seen the show since I grew up on Long Island in NY and we have our fair share of 'Jersey Shore' characters but this list is hilarious! Facebook has a Jersey Shore Nickname Generator and mine is K-Pow :)

SG said...

I LOVE this show. Great observations. Every week it just gets better and better!

KLaw said...

Bwha ha ha ha ha! This show is the BEST!!!!

Kelly said...

OH my, that show is too much! I saw one of the episodes and decided that yes, I would like it... though I made an executive decision NOT to get sucked into it because I don't think I could take on one more drivel-making-my-brain-go-to-mush show, I have too many already ;-)

Do you think any of those guys are even close to being hot?? Their tans and hot bodies are distracting me from a true opinion ;-)

brittany said...

hahahahhah. new years resolution: kick my jersey shore habit.

...fail. I watched reruns last night. ooopsies.

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Hahaha this show cracks me up and you are hilarious!

A "cheery" disposition said...

haha great list and even better nicknames!!!!

nifer said...

I still haven't seen this show. I saw it on once while "guide surfing" but I resisted the urge to watch. I just might have to check it out... once. Only once.

Risley said...

its THE definition of a Guilty Pleasure or a bad train wreck you just cant stop watching!!

Tori said...

the line about hot tubs and dinner dates being equivalent made me shoot soda out of my nose. it was painful, but totally worth it.