Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Remember this post where I was looking for the best candle? I think I've found it!

It smells like heaven. Or more specifically...a blend of hyacinth, white jasmine, & tuberose.

Have you purchased an Archipelago candle before? Any other scents I should be on the look out for?


Katy Mary said...

Ooooh I'll have to go find it, I love scented candles <3

Kimbirdy said...

Aaaand... it's pretty! Love scented candles!

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

really? like it smells good and happys up the whole room? i am in need of that! lol.

bananas. said...

Smells like heaven?! I want it then! Mmm...i can already smell its goodness.

Risley said...

I love those candles! it was a post on my "favorite Friday's" a few weeks ago!Positano is my favorite sent from them!
very cute blog!