Saturday, October 31, 2009

saturday blog finds

Ya'll KNOW I love me some Etsy. I wish I was any one of you that is creative enough to have your own Etsy store and sell beautiful handmade items. However, I couldn't resist introducing you to I just discovered it today it is snarky & often funny. Basically the creators find those oddball items that people are selling on Etsy and add funny commentary to the photos. Check it out when you have some free time to kill (only after you've actually looked Etsy of course!)

My next, nicer find, is The Chloe Conspiracy. Have you visited? If not - go immediately. I've been devouring this woman's style for the last four hours. She's cute as can be, a great writer, and blogs about amazing fashion finds. You can thank me later!

Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween weekend!!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!Aren't these cupcakes the best! I wish I had the artistic creativity and patience to recreate these. Maybe next year! Hopefully you all have fun Halloween plans for the weekend. I plan to:
- Celebrate Guy's parents anniversary tonight with a nice dinner out
- Visit my two favorite little ones in town to see them dressed up as Pebbles and a Doggie!
- Head to Mags house tomorrow night after seeing the little ones for a yummy dinner and some competitive Wii.

Enjoy your weekend! Take lots of pictures and post first thing Monday! xoxo
photo from Flickr

Thursday, October 29, 2009

if i hear one. more. bark.

Dilemma friends. I have a newish neighbor. He's been my neighbor for a month now. He just got a dog. IT BARKS ALL DAY AND NIGHT. When homeboy isn't home - its cries. When homeboy goes to work early in the morning - it cries. It. Always. Cries. I don't know what to do. He obviously crates it and probably has to because it will destroy the house or something but I feel like he needs to know it's making my life hell.
On the flip side, what is he going to do? Give the dog away? No. Stopping crating it? No. Never leave home? Nope.
So is it useless to tell him?? HELP.

loving this.

If I ever get married.....
and I have multiple bridesmaids......
These are the dresses I'd want my friends to wear.

Loving everything about these pictures! I'd wear any one of those bridesmaid dresses as a regular 'ol dress on a fancy date night or a guest of a wedding.
Pictures found here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i can feel the my teeth rotting already.

I'm a salty person. I don't love candy normally. I'd always take carbs over sweets - except around Halloween. There is just something about the candy displays, special holiday packaging and pricing that makes my sweet tooth come out of hybernation and unleash the fury. Here is my picture ode to candy.

{gross, not happening}
{love me some pieces}
{i don't love. is that anti american?}

{deeeelicious. so juicy & good}

{reminds me of my grandmother...not my favorite candy but fond memories}

{speaks for itself!!}

What's your favorite Halloween candy??

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

working your dream job

I’ve been thinking a lot about careers lately. My own career is going through some slight changes which is always scary and exciting at the same time. Most of us, myself included, are thankful for the job/career we have (now more than ever) but are you working in your dream job? I hope the answer is yes… but my guess most people would answer no. Are you in the industry you thought you’d be in when you were in high school/college?
When thinking about these questions…. I realized there were three professions I thought I might land in… none of which I did… but that doesn’t mean I’m not heading in that direction. Or maybe, just maybe, those actually aren’t right for me and where I am is right? I’m still figuring these questions out.
The first career I seriously thought about was being a lawyer. I loved my Mock Trial team in high school and was pretty good at it. I’ve always liked taking on a topic, debating the facts, and hopefully coming out on top. There’s also something exciting about the idea of being in court defending your client, industry, or what have you. I also think A Time to Kill had something to do with this dream. Remember that movie? I wanted to be Matthew Mcconaughey’s character BAD. Next up, I LOVE the idea of being a buyer for a department store. On the surface it looks great. I like to shop. I have decent taste. That’s all the job takes right? Ha. No, I’m not that dumb but it sounds kind of glamorous and fun. Any of you out there that are actual buyers can burst my bubble any time now.
Finally… as you may guess from my ‘Thursday Cuteness’ posts…. I love animals and love nonprofit organizations. This is where I truly thought I would end up. I did internships with nonprofits during college, have always volunteered, and now work for a company that directly works with nonprofits organizations. I love the idea that my day to day tasks in my job could directly help someone or something… which is exactly what nonprofit organizations do. They aren’t the most glamorous or well paid careers but they sure are needed and necessary. What career did you think you were going to do when you were in high school or college?

Monday, October 26, 2009

thank you FOX network

Fox've really stepped things up. GLEE is my new favorite show and has quickly become the 'can't miss' of the week.And So You Think You Can Dance is looking to be the best season yet. Last season was a little lackluster, and to be honest, I quit watching with 5 people left. But not this year by the looks of this first episode. I'm hooked again. Kudos.

Your (newly) Loyal Viewer (again),

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Just a quick note to let you know I'll be M.I.F. tomorrow {translation.... missing in Florida}. I'll be leaving at 5:30a (heaven help me now) for the three and a half hour drive to Jacksonville for a client visit. I'll be there for less time than it actually takes to get there and back so you can imagine my excitement. I'll catch up on your fabulous blog updates when I return. Until then... enjoy the remainder of your weekend!!! xoxo

Friday, October 23, 2009

everyone has their thing.

You know you do. You know, that thing in your picture that you always look for. Is it a double chin? Squinty eyes? (I'm guilty of this... it always looks like my eyes are closed!) Poor posture? If you don't have your thing - you're wayyyyyyy too comfortable in front of the camera and should probably drop your career and move to Hollywood. Immediately.

Annyyywayys. My thing is my HANDS. I shudder just thinking about them. They. Are. Not. Cute. I bite my nails, have knobby knuckles from cracking them constantly, pick at my cuticles, etc. I could go on and on. So first thing I look for in a picture is how fugly they're looking. I'm learning to hide them but they still creep on occasion.
Without further adieu..... I unleash my insecurity upon you........sigh.....

{Excuse my poor 'paint' abilities. It was my first time drawing on my pictures and I was in a rush. }
Have a great weekend! xoxo

try it: open faced cucumber sandwich

I hosted Bunco last night and decided to try some new appetizers. The hit of the night were my open cucumber sandwiches and they were soooo easy. All you need is:
- Pepperidge Farm Thin White Bread...crusts cut off
- One large Cucumber, thinly sliced
- 8 oz of cream cheese
- 1/2 cup mayonnaise
-1 packet of dry Italian salad dressing ( I used Good Seasons brand)
Simply mix the last three ingredients, spread thinly on bread, and top with thinly sliced cucumber. So light and fresh! I promise you'll love.
{Thanks for your kind words yesterday. Funk is slowly passing.... I think the weekend will help and it's getting closer by the minute. Love you ladies!}

Thursday, October 22, 2009

glass half.....

I'm having one of those weeks. I'm in a funk and I can't get out of it. I'll be back tomorrow in a (hopefully) better mood. xoxo

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

etsy love

Morning Loves! I've done ALOT of Etsy browsing the last two days (Guy has been watching Yankees coverage and games 24/7 which means I've been occupying my time with ice cream and Etsy).

I've found some fabulous items and thought I would share!
Loving these cufflinks. Guy only wears cufflinks with suits.... and that is only about 2-3 times a year... but I would love for him to own these little gems. Price: $64
Need this 'Believe' banner. So adorable and would look great on my mantle. I'm going to try and DIY it and if all else fails... this will be mine! Price: $23.
How cute is this?! If you haven't noticed already... love me some stationary. I have loads and loads of stationary but you can never have too much. I about fell out when I saw this and imagined a G+M carved into a tree. love love love. Price: $25

Coveting these. Especially the pair on the right. I can't stop looking at them. So pretty. So dainty. So unique. I could go on and on. They're so much more special knowing they're not mass produced and made by hand. Prices: $68 & $42.

Can you tell I love Etsy?!?!?!?!?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i didn't just want it... i thought i needed it

When you were little, didn't it seem like you were going to DIE if you didn't get what you want? How everything little thing could be made the biggest thing without you even trying? I was talking about this with my girlfriends the other day and we were laughing at the things we thought we needed... but ended up never getting and were GLAD for it.

The first thing I thought of was a Build a Bear. It came out just when I was on the verge of being too old for it but that didn't stop me from begging my mom for it. She never caved and I never got the experience of paying for an overpriced stuffed animal.

Next up - perhaps the World's ugliest coat... yet I wanted it. BAD. I give you......

A Packer Starter jacket. Every cool kid in middle school had a Starter jacket. I wasn't even that into football but I wanted that jacket. You were cool if you had one. I, on the other hand, rocked a peacoat. I thank my parents now for never giving in to that hideous trend.

Oh maaaannnnnn did I want one of these. They had it in our mall and looked so, well, glamourous when you're 12 or 13. What little girl doesn't want to dress up, have their hair and make up done, and take fun pictures. My parents, you guessed it, did not let me get Glamour shots. I will forever thank them for this.

What did you want as a kid but didn't get? And are you as thankful as I am for not getting it??

All images from Google Images.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Guy and I had a pumpkin filled weekend. We shopped for pumpkins, cleaned pumpkins, gutted pumpkins, carved pumpkins, glued pumpkins, lit pumpkins, etc etc. It really got me in the holiday and Fall spirit which was definitely helped by the cool weather we had in Charleston.
{Working hard at our craft}{Can you tell what my pumpkin is? An owl!}

{Displayed in front of our house... and all lit up at night!}

We had so much fun we decided we're going to carve more this coming weekend. We're going to be the crazy pumpkin neighbors by the end of this!

In other news, I saw Dave Matthews Band new video for their single "You and Me" via Lindsey's blog and about fell out of my chair. I LOVE IT.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

if i had a nursery to decorate...

...these decals would definitely make the cut! They're fabric which I think is extra cool...
The birds are my favorite! Check out more here.

and the winner is...

Fiesty Marian! Congratulations sweetie!
Email me your three card choices and I'll have them sent to you asap!
Happy Sunday all!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

watching the clock...

This was me this morning.... wellies? Check. Umbrella? Check. Amazing leather jacket that I shouldn't have worn in the rain but couldn't resist? Check. (I am loving the girl in the pictures outfit... wish it was mine!)
I'm watching the clock intensly for various reasons:
1. I feel like I'm on the verge of getting sick and that makes me want 5p even more if possible (I'm not getting sick... I'm not getting sick...)
2. My sister in law IS IN LABOR as I type this. They're having their first child - a boy - and our whole family is on pins and needles. I can't wait to see what he looks like!!! (UPDATE - Max was just born! 9 lbs 1 oz!!!)

What's on tap for you this weekend?

Since my plans got ruined by sickness (BOO!), I plan on:
- laying low tonight since I don't feel all that well and Guy is out of town for the night
- Ordering pizza because it sounds good and it's too rainy to go out anywhere
- Watch my Badgers (hopefully) crush the Iowa Hawkeyes
- FINALLY carve the pumpkins G & I got last week.
- Mentally root Little Ms Bananas on during her road race

Have a wonderful Fall weekend! Don't forget about the giveaway!!

first day of school picture

Did you parents make you take a first day of school picture? Mine did. Always in front of our grandfather clock. I felt like that this morning when I asked Guy to take my picture.

Ignore the bad lighting and the fact that I look like a huge dweeb in this picture - the point of it is that I FOUND A LEATHER JACKET! Banana Outlet had the perfect jacket. I was so excited this morning when it was actually cool enough to wear a jacket.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

grandma's hands

Have you seen this before?

5 generations of women in one family documenting their hands - really powerful and just a nice heirloom for a family. I'm definitely going to do this next time my mom and I visit my Mom Mom.

The caption in the email I recieved with this picture read: I was privileged to take a photo of 'Five Generations of Women' shortly before my 93 year-old Grandmother passed away last year.
The photo, shown above, features the hands of my Grandmother,Mom, Sister, Niece and
Great-Niece. While I can't take credit for the idea, I was so happy to have had the suggestion & capture this moment.

get out your favorite felt tipped pen....

...because it's time for a stationary giveaway! I love me some stationary. Always have. I have 20-30 different types of letters,cards, stationary, etc. It's so fun picking out what I'm going to send to who and thinking about how they'll be happy when they have a little card in the mail. Surprises in the mail are always the best.
Today's giveaway is from my most favorite card vendor: Mik Wright. Mik Wright's cards are snarky, fun, hilarious, and all around unique. You can't look at their website and not laugh.

One lucky winner will get to choose *3* cards from Mik Wright's website and I'm telling you... that will be a hard thing to do because there are so many hilarious ones to choose from! As an added bonus, I'll be throwing in one of my favorites from their website!

To enter:
- Leave a comment
- For an extra entry, leave a seperate comment if you're a follower
- For a third entry, blog about this giveaway and come back and let me know so I can thank you!

Giveaway ends Sunday, October 18th!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

boo to the flu

I feel like throwing a tantrum like this little one right now. I am suppose to fly to Omaha tomorrow to visit this beautiful family but got the call this morning that they are all sick with a nasty stomach bug/ flu so it isn't going to work out. I feel like stomping on the ground, pouting, and screaming all at the same time. I love my brother so much and his family is just darling... it's devasting not to be able to see them this weekend after I've been looking forward to it for months. Sigh..
To help make myself feel better, I've decided to have a giveaway! Stay tuned... more information tomorrow. xo

just a typical Tuesday evening

Setting: Our house, watching The Biggest Loser

M: I have a stronger core than you.
G: You’re crazy; there’s no way.
M: I’m just stating facts.
G: I’ve been working with a personal trainer for 5 months now – I have a stronger core.
M: That doesn’t matter. I’ve always had a stronger core.
G: This is so frustrating. I wish there was a way I could prove I have a stronger core.
{2 minutes passes in silence}
G: I’ve got it. Can you do this? {G drops to the floor, does a type of crunch I hadn’t tried before, and said this was the true test}
M: Of course. We do those all the time in bootcamp. (we don’t) Nice try. We can do a crunch off at the next commercial. I can do those way longer than you.
G: Fine.
{next episode break}
M: I need to run to the restroom quick.
{I pee, flush, and while the flushing occurs drop down on the bathroom floor to verify I can do this type of crunch. I can. SUCCESS. Victory is mine. I return to the living room}
M: I’m ready. Crunch off time?
G: I’m over it. You have a stronger core than I do.
{I smugly sit on the couch the rest of the evening… basking in victory}

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

national face your fears day!

Did you know October 13th is a holiday?? That's right - it's National Face Your Fears Day! I can think of two fears right off the top of my head... both of which I will NOT be facing today. Too traumatizing to even think about facing them. Actually looking up the following images on Google images has me in a tizzy.

Fist fear is clowns. I'm sure you know someone (or you yourself) have this fear. I'm terrified of them. I *believe* it stems from the movie 'IT' which I watched way too young at a friends house but nevertheless - they creep me out.
The only clown that doesn't creep me out is Bozo the Clown for some reason. I think because I wanted to be on his show so badly when I was a kid.

Now that I'm looking at him again... he is quite frightening. I don't know what I was thinking. He's on my 'to fear' list. That hair, those eyebrows - I'm in the throws of a panic attack as I write this. Breathe.....

My next fear is a bit more abnormal. I have a complete and utter fear of things touching my neck. I. Can't. Handle. It. Remember when choker necklaces were all the rage? Yeah, homegirl couldn't rock one because I would have gone into convulsions.

I can't wear turtlenecks, necklaces that graze my clavicles, etc. I immediately feel like I'm being choked. It's even bad enough where when I go to the dentist or hair salon - I have to ask them to keep the gown loose. You know how they like to jack that thing into your neck. Yeesh. Scares me just thinking about it.

Your turn! What fears do you have??