Wednesday, December 30, 2009

you make me happy.

I can't let the new year start without passing an award on! I've been slack about forwarding on the love but I promise I appreciate each and everyone of you! My dear IRL friend Kristen & my sweet bloggie bud Jenni passed the 'Happy 101' award on to me and I couldn't be happier! It's an adorable award from two darling girls.

The rules on this are easy... tell 10 things that make me happy.
Here we go:
1. The way Gus follows me around the house and nearly always has to be in the same room as me.
2. My new found love for chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. I can't get enough.
3. Guy, of course.
4. Guy's new beard. It has to go away for work next week but I'm loving it while it's here.
5. Christmas ornaments! I have a serious love for those things. I love staring at them, remembering who gave each one to me, buying new ones each year, etc.
6. The anticipation of getting my first roll of Diana film back. They should be in sometime this week!
7. Having friends in town for the holidays. Two of my closest friends were in town and I had so much fun seeing them again.
8. Skype! Both my and Guy's family have webcams now so we're having a blast "seeing" each other rather than just talking with one another.
9. Will & Grace. Remember that show? I've fallen back in love with it. Oh man is it funny.
10. YOU. I loooove reading all of your blogs and learning about each and every one of you.

I now bestow this award unto the fabulous:
Mayra of life is Bananas
Mara of M loves M
Nicole of my teacups in peony
I know most, if not all of you ladies, have gotten this award elsewhere but who wouldn't want an Oscar twice!

Happy Second to Last Day of 2009!!!!


The Owl's Closet said...

congrats on the award,morgan!:) well deserved! i enjoyed reading ur facts. i love will & grace, too:D hehe happy new year!

KLaw said...

Congrats! Isn't that the cutest award ever!? Well deserved lovie!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the award Morgan! I'm seriously going to have to hunt down some of those chocolate covered pomegranant seeds!

OceanDreams said...

Christmas ornaments are the best, seriously! :P

~KS said...

I got all of the Will & Grace seasons on DVD through Netflix last summer and watched every single episode and laughed til I cried.. one of the best shows ever!!

bananas. said...

awww thanks morgan! i like your point...multi oscars are fun, so are multi awards :)

olivia rae said...

have you tried the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds from the farmers market? i have never been big on chocolate covered dried fruit but omg. they are to.die.for. xoxo