Friday, December 18, 2009

She's going to hate me!

I've got to admit - I am not a fan of social media.  Morgan frequently gets upset that I am not a fan of facebook or the "blogosphere" - is that the right terminology?.  (However, I frequetly read Steve Benen's blog on the Washington Monthly  http://washingtonmonthly/ - I'm a left wing political junkie - cheap plug for a blog I've read for years - my apologies).

Did I mention how fantastic Morgan is?  She was recently voted one of our employers top ten speakers at the conference on philanthropy.  As an FYI...there are over 800 attendees that attend our 3 day conference!  I can't tell you how proud I am. I know she frequently blogs about her life and the times she shares with me and those close to her.  I know the blog isn't very personal, but I hope you all know how special she is.  I hear about every new post and every new follower she has. This isn't my thing but I know how much you all mean to her - so I guess it is my thing!

Happy Holidays!  Maybe someday I too will embrace social media!

Agian, she is going to hate me for taking over her blog.  She's on her way back from Austin, Texas and I've had one too many drinks!  That's why she loves me!

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The Owl's Closet said...

what a sweet post!:) yes, she is indeed fantastic:)

Seyma said...

oh my god, this i so sweet!! i2m just beginning to get to know her and i don't know what to say.. but yeah, this blog is awesome..

thanks for writing this Guy..


olivia rae said...

awww this is so sweet! I'm so glad you wrote this! Morgan does seem like a really special person!

Kimbirdy said...

Oh. So. Sweet!

Shannon Murphy said...

awwww this is adooorable! so glad you secretly took it over! Morgan is amazingg! love her blogs!