Monday, December 28, 2009

pay it forward in 2010

We're all lucky in our lives in some way. It may be hard to see sometimes but surely you remembered this when you were surrounded by family and/or friends this Christmas. Here are some ways you can pay it forward in 2010. If you're asking 'why'.... perhaps think about 'why not?'

Do you all recycle? Such a simple thing yet so many people don't do this. Many states don't charge a thing to collect your recycleables and even if your State does collect... it's a low cost. South Carolina charges me $5/month. If you aren't overly 'green', think about doing it for your children, niece & nephew, or because you're Type A and like sorting things!
Kiva is an amazing non profit organization that allows you to loan money to people who are trying to start their own business to sustain their families. They aren't looking for a hand out - just a hand up. What's great about this is they pay back your loan (as little as $25) and you can a) loan again or b) pull your money out. I treat Kiva like a savings account. What better way to use my money that otherwise would just sit there?!


We don't all have money to donate or loan... nor do all of us care to recycle.... but we can all volunteer. I firmly believe if you don't volunteer... you just haven't found the cause you care enough about. And there is one out there for everyone. It can be once/week, once/month, or even once/year.... just do it.

And finally... just smile. Doesn't it make your day when someone smiles at you? Or says something nice to you just because? I'm going to make a concious effort to do both more in 2010 because, well. why not?


bananas. said...

love this. i am such a believer in recycling. i couldn't believe that NONE of my family members recylced...NOT ONE!

and i've volunteered many times so i can does wonders.

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

yes yes yes! very important! we need to make a change. i sent all mrs. meyers gift sets to my family. all good and green!

Katy Mary said...

Love this post! Such great ways to give back!

nifer said...

Morgan, these are great New Year's resolutions! You know, my town, thankfully, has made recycling SO easy. Not only do they collect for "free," but we don't have to sort! Everything can just go in one bin. Definitely helps me. I'm also a big fan of "re-using." Anything I can re-purpose, I will! Oh... and I finally broke down and invested in some shopping bags. They're HUGE and have over-shoulder handles. I can't wait to use them again!

I've never heard of Kiva, so I will have to check it out when I have some extra cash. And I'm looking for some good volunteer opportunities. If you hear of any in the MA or RI area, let me know!

KLaw said...

You're so friggin cute Morgan! I've missed you!

WhitneyB99 said...

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~KS said...

Fabulous post!! I plan to do more in 2010 to try to change my little spot in the world. Every little thing counts...

And I left you a little award on my blog tonight. It has cupcakes on it... what could be more fun that that?!?!

Holly said...

KIVA KIVA KIVA! seriously so wonderful.