Friday, December 18, 2009

halleluiah it's friday!

Happy Friday! Hope you’re all as excited about the weekend as I am. I don’t have any plans to be excited for but I sure am happy it’s {almost} finally here!

First and foremost, how funny is my boyfriend? Did you see the rouge guest post from late last night? Funny story. I got back from Austin at 1a (more on that later) and he was up but about to fall asleep so we didn’t talk too much. Fast forward to 5:45a. I wake up to him pacing in the bedroom. He gets back in bed and tells me he *thinks* he’s done something stupid. My heart starts to race. Crazy thoughts run rampant in my mind. I’m asking him a zillion questions a minute… all of which I’m sure you can guess… and he finally tells me “ I think I wrote a guest post on your blog… and I don’t remember exactly what I wrote.” At this point part of me is relieved but part of me is wondering if he put something crazy up so I immediately boot up my laptop and read his adorable, off the cuff, manifesto of nothing and everything. We sat there, at 6a this morning, reading and laughing at how funny he was to actually write this. I decided to leave it up because it’s quintessential Guy… but we did correct the spelling errors. :)

In other news… I had the travel day from hell yesterday. I left Austin at 3:40p, got to Dallas and was suppose to leave at 6:20p. 6:20p comes and goes because our flight from Mexico hasn’t arrived. It finally does around 7p and they quickly load us on… only to have us sit there for another 40 minutes because of “mechanical” issues. They finally deplane us because they can’t fix the problem and start the search for a new plane. By this time it’s 7:00p and we’re starting to feel like we’re not going to get out of Dallas. Finally – EUREKA – cue the horn section and doves! They’ve found a plane and it’s ready to leave so we have to r-u-n to terminal B from D to stake our claim and get the rock out of Dallas.

We do this, giddy that we might get home, but realize once we’re there…. that this plane has a mechanical issue as well. How surprising?! So we end up sitting, for another hour and a half… and finally leave at 9:30p CST which gets us home at 12:45p EST. It was a looooonnnnnngggg day and I vow to never fly American again. They were a hot mess.

Wishing you safe & on time travels if you're heading home for the holidays this weekend!
Happy Weekend! xoxo


~KS said...

For some reason, I was not allowed to comment on Guy's sneaking little post (blogger is hating on me I guess)... but it was a hoot.
Traveling sucks. I loathe it. But glad you got home safe and sound... eventually.

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

So happy.. Happy weekend!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I'm so happy it's Friday! Guy's post was hilarious!