Saturday, November 14, 2009

a little saturday shopping

This morning I did a little shopping since I had recieved a 30% coupon to Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic for this weekend. I needed some good basic sweaters and I found some great options! I used Polyvore (of course I am now obsessed with making these....) so you can see my finds. They'll be perfect for both work and weekend errands.

Items in this set:
GAP sweater, $45
Old Navy sweater, $30
Old Navy top, $30
Best news was the new Old Navy sweaters were $13 each (EEEKKKK!!!) because of the 30% off and the Gap sweater was around $30. These pictures don't do them justice... if you have time... hit Old Navy up for sure. The purple cardigan I got has a really pretty lace trim and the black cardigan has ruffles down the front. Both are styles I've seen in JCrew but of course are WAY better priced.
Happy Shopping!
{P.S. Gap has released their Christmas commericial... which means it's offical. It's the holiday season!}


Emily Anne said...

CUTE! I love the one from Gap. :)

SJ said...


Kelly said...

I LOVE casual cardigans like that. So classic too! Great finds :-D

~KS said...

We tried to hit up the Old Navy here before our family dinner outting, but they had NOTHING. I miss my tiny little undershopped Appleton Old Navy... Milwaukee is always picked over. Ugh.
Love all of your goodies!

Jenni said...

ohh they are sooo cute! I live literally walking distance from an old navy that noone ever really goes to so it never gets too picked over! I'll have to stop in!

Blondie said...

I had that coupon too! So much fun! Thanks for the comments on my Liz Taylor post honey. I always appreciate your feedback! Have a fantastic night. Kori xoxo

janis said...

i love the ruffled shirt. i too had to stock up on some sweaters - i'm always freezing at work!

have a good rest of your weekend!


The Owl's Closet said...

love ur cardis! great buys, too:D thanks for sharing the GAP vid, i've always loved their commercials:)