Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I choose to celebrate and be thankful.

Hi. Hello. How are you? This is Kristen over from KLaw: Inspired. Morgan asked me to do a little guest spot over at her place and I was HONORED!

Of course its always a little stressful trying to come up with a good topic of choice. I know Morgan and I know she rocks, so I'm assuming that you lovely folks are just as rad. But maybe you aren't quite ready for my sexual innuendos with regard to my two loves, Ryan and Mark (Reynolds and Salling, in case you're wondering). Yes, I'd do just about anything to make them slap my ass and call me Sally, but perhaps we should save that for another day.
Shall we talk about Thanksgiving?
I cannot fathom that the time has come round again for cranberry paste in the shape of an aluminum can, delicious homemade mashed potatoes and my fabulous 7 layer bars (recipe to come if you stay tuned).
Since Thanksgiving in 1995, my heart hasn't been in it. I feel death. I feel empty. I feel sad. I vividly relive the day over and over again, scene by scene. While most days I can't remember what I even ate for lunch the day before, this memory is vibrant. I wish I could make it disappear with the quickness that I do taco's on Taco Tuesday (this girl can pack them away - its actually quite disgusting).

My grandmother wasn't just a family member that you saw a few times a year; that pinched your cheeks; that commented on how your nibblets have grown since the year before. She was my second mother. I spent afternoons at her house doing homework. She made me the best saltine / cheddar / mustard crackers any time I wasn't feeling well. She made clothes for my dolls. She made a mean spagetti and meatballs, even if she couldn't boil and egg otherwise. She let me play with her old Cover Girl compacts, pretending I was a beauty queen. She and I had a special bond. I was her first grandchild.
Grandma Weezy was a spunky young thing. Only 64 years old when she passed away. She loved turqouise jewelry. She taught country line dancing at the local YMCA up until the week she died. She traveled the United States in a camper with her boyfriend Bud. She even started a thimble collection for me on her journeys, of which my Mom and I have taken over addint to. I hope to one day pass it along to my children, and their children, and maybe even their children.
Thanksgiving day 1995. Grandma started up her little red Toyota and began the 3 mile journey to our house. As she arrived, she exited the car, picked up her covered dish of warm mashed potatoes, and slowly opened our front door. As we walked toward her in a warm greeting, she collapsed.
I'll spare you the details, as it is still very painful and I am now in tears thinking about it. But Grandma had a heart attack that day. Right there in the front door of our house. She made it to the hospital and hung on long enough to say her last goodbye's to her four daughters and me, her first grandchild.
Ever since, Thanksgiving has been a very painful reminder of that day. The day we lost a mother. A grandmother. A really rad lady. But, I am making a vow to celebrate this day from this year forward. This is a day to remember her. Not to mourn. A day to celebrate her life and not a day to think of her death.
I hope everyone finds something to be thankful for this year. Even if life is kicking you in the pants and making you its bitch, at the very least be thankful for the presence of family and friends. I can say that I will be thinking of my Grandmother with fond memories this year. A year that has been full of trials and misfortunes for me. But I will go into this holiday happy, with a warm heart. All because of her.

As promised, here is my kick ass 7 layer bar recipe: sure to make your ass fat and your thighs giggle.

Layer in this order in a 9 x 13" pan

Melt one stick of butter
1.5 cups of crushed graham crackers, spread evenly into melted butter and pressed to form the crust

1/2 bag of chocolate chip morsels

1/2 bag of butterscotch morsels

Shredded coconut

1 6oz can of condensed milk, spread evenly over the above

Chopped walnuts
Bake at 350 for 15 minutes, or until coconut has browned. Cut into squares and serve at room temperature.

Enjoy. And Happy Thanksgiving!!


Summer (BisforBrown) said...

This was beautiful. I will be keeping you and Grandma in my thoughts this Turkey Day and I need to make those NOW! LOVE YOU, K. LOVE YOU, MORGAN!

SG said...

Aww that's sad, I'm sorry about your grandma. It's also kinda scary considering my mom is 62 eek! I'm sure your grandma is up in heaven eating her own turkey dinner for T-giving :)

Thanks for the recipe, I may try that out minus the coconut of course.

Jenni said...

KLaw that was really beautiful. I fear the day that something like that happens to my grandmother. Thank you for the reminder to treasure each and every day I have with her.
You are an amazing lady. I've said it before and i'll say it again! Happy thanksgiving love! Celebrate in style!

Marian said...

Aw, such a loving story. Instead of dwelling in the past to be thankful for what we got and who we have been lucky enough to have in our life!!

And the bars...yeah, I'm drooling

Allyson said...

oh kristin! your g-ma sounds like a fabulous person and i know she is looking down on you with such pride and happiness. i am so glad you are taking that turn down a new path this year. celebrating her is going to make you that much stronger.


Kimi @ SoManyKidsSoLittleTime said...

Ahhh K...big long distance blog hugs. We lost my grandma two years ago (lost? Totes sounds like I misplaced her). Anyway...she and your grandma sound a lot alike. Great ladies. Gotta focus on the good times though.

Hugs hugs hugs...and hugs again just in case.

bananas. said...


how tragic! i've lost many people in my life but never on a holiday. that is truly the saddest thing ever. i'm so sorry. i know it's hard to not think of her and be sad but i think thanksgiving is a time to remember.

every year on this day my family and i remember the ones we've lost and then we smile remembering their brightness.

i wish you and your family a wonderful holiday. grandma's smiling down for sure :)

brittany said...

oh wow this just really hit home for me, i had a similar experience with my grandma during christmas time 9 years ago. i can def relate that it's hard to think of the good times when everything reminds you that they're gone.

it's inspiring that you are choosing to remember the good times and the ways she brightened your life. thanks for sharing :) maybe our grandmas are best friends up there.

nifer said...

Lady, I'm almost in tears for your sad thanksgiving memory. Isn't it amazing how grandmothers make the best spaghetti and meatballs though? My nana was no exception.

I'm sending you hugs and warm wishes.

~ Jen

Ela said...

Kristen, I am so sorry. I am in tears, because it hurts just thinking about it. Because I know it still hurts you. Because I lost my grandma when I was 11 and S never got to meet her. Because I know that grandmas truly are 2nd mothers. I'm so sorry.

I truly believe in eternal families. I know you'll see her again one day. Maybe she and my grandma are friends now...looking after the grandchildren I know they love so much...

I love you.

amy102088 said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.