Monday, November 16, 2009

get over it.

Does anyone else listen to Kidd Kraddick in the morning? He's a radio personality out of Texas and his show is pretty funny. I only have a 5 minute commute to work (I'm lucky right?) so I don't get to catch much but what I do - I like.
This morning he had a segment called "Get Over It" that inspired this post. Callers write or call in with someting like " To my mom and dad.... my fiance and I are getting married with or without you.... get over it!" or "To all Patriot fans out there... you lost last night... get over it!" You get the idea.... and so I bring you... my Monday morning 'get over it.'

To the bagger at my local grocery store.... yes I want paper and yes I realize it's more of a hassle for you but get over it.
To our waiter Friday night.... yes I drink a lot of water and no I don't think it should be THAT much of a hassle for you to continue to bring me refills of water.... get over it.
To the 90 year old woman tailing me all the way to my morning meeting.... you shouldn't be driving. You can barely see over the steering wheel. Tailing me doesn't help your cause... get over it.
To the person who shall remain nameless who can't manage to get their work done because they're too busy avoiding work.... get over it. We're not here to do your work.
I'm fiesty this morning! Maybe I can channel it into a productive Monday morning. :)
Do any of you have any "get over it" sentiments this morning?


carrie1 said...

ha ha... Kidd Kraddick is on every morning here at our work. =)

Kelly said...

Uhhh, I feel like I should be telling myself to GET OVER IT. I just wrote a "boo hoo me" post. I'm just in a bad mood this morning, I need to get over it!!! :-)

bananas. said...

YES! LOVE THIS!!! k here are mine...

to tom brady...guess it wasn't your night. that and you're still not cute to me...GET OVER IT!

to the young chicks at the bar on friday night...stop playing taylor swift on the jukebox. no one wants to listen to that crap. she sucks! GET OVER IT!

haha. that was fun! happy monday!!!

SG said...

LOVE this! My list would be soooo long but the one I have right now is:

To the lady at the football game this weekend who told us to stop cheering so loud b/c she had a migraine...sorry your team lost but it's a football game GET OVER IT!

Nicole said...

Haha, I love it! I could probably come up with a bunch of these, but right now I just have to second the message to the Patriots fans. :)

Allyson said...

yay for requesting paper bags. i heart people who do that!

slackers at work suck. i work with a few of those, too. *sigh*

happy monday!

Summer B. said...

Such a great post for Mondays. I love your list.

I need to think of mine! I will be back.

BTW, I love you! I could never get over you. ;)

SJ said...

Hahah, I love this post! I had many "get over its" this morning, but I think they might have been too mean to share!

Holly said...

yah i always feel like a bitch asking for paper or more commonly, saying "i dont need a bag", why does that make me feel bad? it shouldnt!!