Monday, November 9, 2009

friend or foe?

I heard a radio spot Friday morning that intrigued me. The radio personalities were talking about 5 friends to “break up” with. Some of them I agreed with – some I did not. I’m interested to hear your thoughts….

The “We’ve Got a Stage Five Clinger” Friend (who loved Wedding Crashers? Clearly I did….) I think we’ve all had this friend before. The one that wants to be by your side at all times. She won’t go to the bathroom without you, make a life decision without you, and certainly wouldn’t think of going to a party until knowing you’re going. Her brain has ceased to exist and you are now thinking for both of you.

The “Wannabe” Friend. You know this girl. She copies everything you do, say, & buy. It’s a form of flattery, sure, but it’s also ridiculously annoying.

The “Boyfriend Stealer” Friend. Now this one – I don’t know much about. Fortunately I’ve never had a friend go after a boy I liked or steal a boy I was with. But if that had happened to me – I can say with some confidence that we would no longer be friends.

The “Healer” Friend. She’s the gal that ‘fixes’ everyone. When you’re in need, she’s there. She almost has a sixth sense about when trouble is going to occur and is there for you before you need her. She puts others before herself.

Hmmm…I can’t remember the 5th. Sorry!

I agree with breaking up with most of these… but I don’t get why the “healer” friend is so bad? Maybe if it is someone that causes the trouble so she can swoop in and fix it but otherwise… I say heal away ladies! Clingers I can go either way on… I figure they need you so why not be there for them. Wannabes and Boyfriend Stealers… you’re on your own ladies.
So friends… what are your thoughts? Did I forget a friend type to ‘break up’ with? Do tell!
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carrie1 said...

I let go of a Drama girlfriend. Always in someone's buisness and just always had drama following her.

I agree with the "Healer Friend"... why get rid of the healer? I would consider myself the healer in my group, and I enjoy it. My girlfriends always call me when they have a problem or need to vent.

bananas. said...

don't get the healer friend but the wannabe friend i want to CHOKE! soooooo annoying! i mean, it's all good to steal a few ideas. it's bound to happen with friends that have the same taste but to do it ALL THE TIME...RIDICULOUS!

i have a friend, yes she's still a friend, who thinks everyone copies her style (aka nordstrom BP) but had bought the same shoes, jeans, jewelry as me over and over. OH AND, she copied my tattoo...grrrr.

Summer B. said...

I don't agree with the healer friend! You need those sometimes. I do get the BF stealer and the Wannabe. YUCK!

I like this post! Just went through a friend thing myself.

Shannon Murphy said...

ohhh I can totally relate to the wannabe friend and the stage 5 clinger friend!! soo annoying!! also, the healer friend I understand too. I have a friend who is almost always wondering what's wrong and always trying to talk to me about it... she always is asking "are you okay?" when I'm completely fine... it gets annoying... its kind of hard to describe.

Jenni said...

My phrase for them is "toxic friends" Friends who you spend time with and everytime you do you end up feeling sad, upset, stressed out, etc. Friends that poison your mood with snide comments, rude observations, sour attitudes or superior attitudes.... If you don't feel better when you are with them then you shouldn't be friends. Friends should lift you up, not bring you down.

Nicole said...

Ah, I've had experience with the wannabe friend. What really bothers me is then they take it to the extreme. They pick up your hobby, but do it better. They have the same interests, but they get more involved. Ugh!

janis said...

i was thinking the same thing about the healer friend - that sounds like the idea friend! why would you give her the boot?